Posts From March, 2019

450,000 Coinmama Users’ Information Leaked in Dark Web

Coinmama is one of the largest cryptocurrency brokerages in the global markets which was attacked by hackers. According to an official announcement published by this brokerage, 450000 users’ Email addresses and account passwords hashes have been disclosed.


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Hyundai and IBM Collaborate to Accelerate Blockchain Technology

According to the announced news on February 13, 2019, IBM company stated in the annual conference of technology and business “IBM Think 2019” held in San Francisco, California that Hyundai Commercial, a subsidiary company of Hyundai in South Korea, will cooperate with IBM, one of the biggest companies in the field technology, to modernize its business through Blockchain technology.


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The First American Giant Bank in the Domain of Cryptocurrencies

JP Morgan Chase, one of the most famous American banks, started working in the field of cryptocurrency after issuing JPM Coin. Jamie Dimon CEO of JP Morgan Chase has named Bitcoin a “fraud” in September 2017; however, he changed his mind after a while, to the extent that he introduced cryptocurrencies a risk for a business of the banks under his management. In reaction to this turnabout, Alan Silbert, an old timer bank CEO, said in a tweet: “Backpedaling is the first step in the program towards walking the path.”


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