Pooyan Ghamari: Articles & Essays on Crypto & Blockchain Ecosystems

Last Modified:7 Sep 2022 11:33:39
Pooyan Ghamari: Articles & Essays on Crypto & Blockchain Ecosystems

A full collection of Counos CEO and founder, Pooyan Ghamari's articles and essays is now available in the form of an E-book. And now you can download the PDF version of this E-book from the direct link below:


Download This E-book Collection Here


You can check out the title of the articles and essays that are in this collection:

  • An Introduction to Blockchain
  • Privacy in Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain, the Beginning of the Financial and Security Revolution
  • What Is the Blockchain Ecosystem?
  • The Magic of Gold and Digital Money
  • Comparing Conventional Databases and Blockchain
  • Public, Private, and Federated Blockchains
  • Introduction to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and the Token Universe
  • The Status of the Trust and Transparency Economy in Blockchain
  • A Look at the Protocols in the Blockchain Technology
  • Instant Messaging and Blockchain Technology
  • Deploying MimbleWimble Technology and Lightning Network in Litecoin Blockchain
  • How Will Crypto Finance Evolve in the Near Future as an Emerging Field?
  • How Do Cryptocurrencies and Tokens Influence Global Economy and International Financial Systems?
  • Consensus Protocols in Distributed Systems
  • Everything You Need to Know about NFTs