Posts From March, 2019

From Paying for a Cup of Coffee to Providing Security for Journalists; What Are Cryptocurrencies Capable of?

Cryptocurrencies have a wonderful world. This wonderfulness will be more tangible when they become woven into the everyday life of people. Perhaps the use of Bitcoin is not that prevalent among common people these days, and its use is more common among governments for economic trades.

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Students and Entering the World of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have stepped inside the world of transactions and communication in order to survive, and it does not seem that they intend to leave the playing field. Given their variety, students too can undoubtedly enter this world and engage in activities in it. Check this link for full article:

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Why is Warren Buffett’s Hatred of Cryptocurrencies in Favor of this Market?

Have you heard about Warren Buffett’s recent remarks about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Buffett believes that cryptocurrencies have no value and have just attracted frauds. Check this link for full article:

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