Counos Wallets

Comfort, Security, and Efficiency

Through offering an all-in-one Blockchain-based financial platform, we attempt to meet all your financial needs just in a unique infrastructure in Counos. Counos cryptocurrencies such as Counos Coin and Counos X and also a wide range of Counos stablecoins such as Counos Cash, Counos E, Counos U, and Counos CAD all are consistent with developing financial transfers. Besides offering extensive services such as decentralized exchange, Escrow, and internet Payment gateway, Counos has taken measure in providing more security through offering a collection of diverse wallets aiming to complete Blockchain-based financial services; Counos specialized mobile wallets for iOS and Android.


Counos Wallet

Counos Public wallet is, in fact, a type of software that stores every user’s public key and private key and interacts with different Blockchains and applying it the user can receive and send varieties of cryptocurrencies and digital money. If you want to use Counos Coin, Counos Cash, Bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, you should have a wallet. Most of the wallets are based on the software, and using them is easier than hardware wallets; however, hardware wallets are generally of higher security. Combining various features of software and hardware wallets, Counos lets the users enjoy versatile security advantages of both.

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How Does Counos Wallet Work?

Counos wallet doesn’t keep your cryptocurrencies, but it is a device through which you can interact with the other Blockchains. These wallets provide necessary information for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies, and every wallet has an address which has been extracted according to the public key and the private key. This address, in fact, refers to a specific location at the database of Blockchain, and you gain access to your wallet via your private key, and it is only for the user, and it should not be given to anyone else. Through this unique software and hardware algorithm, the security of the users’ transfers will increase.


Counos Mobile Wallet

Counos’ specialized wallets have been designed enjoying a high security and an appropriate financial configuration to meet all the users’ financial needs in the field of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

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Counos Android Mobile Wallet

The Counos Android applications development team has designed a very secure wallet. Counos wallet is consistent with all Android versions higher than 4.1. In addition to creating a user account and a password, the users can use the biometric parameters such as fingerprint sensor and face recognition sensor for the two-stage entrance to the wallet. Counos wallet is able to support a wide range of valid global cryptocurrencies from Counos Coin, and Counos Cash to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Through creating a unique address for the wallet and also generating QR codes, the users can comfortably do all their transfers via the Counos Android wallet. read more about Fingerprint Technology in Counos Digital Wallet

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Counos iOS Mobile Wallet

This wallet is able to be installed on all devices owning iOS 8 or higher. Counos wallet supports biometric identification systems such as ID touch and face ID in addition to creating a safe entrance through user name and password for iOS devices. Counos wallet can support showing all your valid cryptocurrencies balance from Counos Coin and Counos Cash to Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. Using QR code and also generating a unique address, it is possible to send and receive all cryptocurrencies through Counos mobile wallet.

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Counos Core Wallet

Counos core wallet is a full node wallet. This type of wallet, with its highly secure configuration, make the users relax in case of providing financial transfer security. Using the Counos Core wallet, you will be able to track all your Blockchain-based financial transactions. Counos core wallet has the highest user security for huge financial transfers.

Counos Blockchain network has used the combination of all Blockchain security protocols for the first time to increase the users’ security level. The combination of Proof of Work and Proof of Identity and also creating a complex security algorithm to avoid any hacker’s penetration will make the users free-minded in case of maintaining the digital asset. With complex security combinations, the miners approved by the Counos network will be able to manage the process of mining cryptocurrencies using Counos core wallet.

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Counos Core Wallet (Windows)

Counos platform developers have designed windows Counos core wallet. Continuous security updates and also full adaptation to all Windows operating system facilities can change windows Counos core wallet into one of the most significant figures among the rivals. The possibility of management, observation, and tracking all financial transactions of the personal account and also transferring and receiving cryptocurrencies with the highest security level have been supplied through Windows Counos core wallet.

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CounosCoin Core For Windows-64
CounosX Core For Windows
CounosCash Core For Windows


Counos Core Wallet (Linux)

Linux Counos core wallet has specially been designed to be adapted to Linux operating system at home PCs or the organizations. High security in the field of cryptocurrency transfers and also observing and tracking all transactions of personal wallets addresses have been accommodated through this wallet.

download the last version:
CounosCoin Core For Linux
CounosX Core For Linux
CounosCash Core For Linux


Counos Core Wallet (Mac)

Software development of a core wallet to fully adapt to the Mac operating system has been the result of Counos development team attempts. Mac Counos core wallet allows Mac operating system users to apply all the facilities of the Counos core wallet through full adaptation to the Mac operating system.

download the last version:
CounosCoin Core For OS X
CounosX Core For OS X
CounosCash Core For OS X


Counos Paper Wallet

Counos paper wallets have both high efficiency and security. Counos paper wallet, which is a formal document composing of your public and private keys which refers to a software used to create private and public keys. Using paper wallets is comfortable. Counos coin or any other cryptocurrency that you transfer to your paper wallet is carried out through transferring money from your software wallet to the public address, which has been written on your paper wallet. Furthermore, if you want to withdraw money, the only thing you should do is to transfer the money from your paper wallet to your software wallet. This process is called sweeping and can be done manually through entering the private key or scanning the QR code on the paper wallet. Counos Wallet Generator


Developing Counos Wallets

As a Blockchain-based all-in-one platform, Counos has offered a wide range of various wallets to the users. Counos mobile wallets are available for iOS, Android operating systems, Counos Core wallet for PC operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac, and also paper wallets depending on your need. All Counos wallets can be used through combining various Counos services from Counos decentralized exchange, Counos escrow service, Counos cryptocurrencies platform, and also Counos cryptocurrency payment gateways.


Counos Web Wallet

Counos Web Wallet is an online crypto wallet offered by Counos Platform. Using Counos Web Wallet, users will be able to create cryptocurrency wallets for themselves anytime and also be able to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies.

Counos Web Wallet is completely decentralized and private keys are held only by users themselves. No information is stored on any server, making this system the web wallet of choice for privacy and security. A fully decentralized web wallet means more safety and freedom for users who are concerned about their privacy and the safety of their online assets.

The cryptocurrencies that are currently supported by Counos Web Wallet are Counos X (CCXX), Counos Coin (CCA), Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Dash.

Counos X is a cryptocurrency offered by the Swiss Blockchain company Counos Platform. Counos X is the first bankable coin in the world, which means it can be purchased directly from your local bank or even your broker via the Swiss ISIN number.

Additionally, Counos Coin (CCA) is a cryptocurrency that operates within a completely independent network with the purpose of providing the highest standards from a reliability perspective for financial transactions and payments worldwide.

You can use Counos Web Wallet to send and receive both of these amazing cryptocurrencies and much more.