Counos Mobile Wallet Tutorial

New Encryption Feature of Mobile Wallet

Counos Mobile Wallet has added a new encryption feature that allows users to encrypt their private keys and therefore increase the security of the wallet significantly.

This new security feature is the adding of PIN code. The new PIN code will replace the old second password option in the wallet. And as such, in order to set a new PIN code, users will need to enter their old second password.

In the following parts we will examine how you can set a new PIN code. But first, let’s see what it does and how it works.

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Encrypting Private Keys

The new encryption feature of the Counos Mobile Wallet allows users to encrypt their private keys using a PIN code. When the private keys are encrypted with the PIN code, only the user can decrypt them.

The reason is that PIN code is NOT saved on any server. No part of the PIN code is saved or stored on the servers. Only the user, or the owner of the account, has access to it. Therefore, the owner of the account has full responsibility to store the PIN code safely and securely.

When users have chosen a PIN code, they need to write it down and keep it very safe. Since it is not saved online anywhere, if they lose the PIN code, then all their assets are lost. Since, the PIN code is NOT recoverable.

This feature gives ultimate power and privacy to users. Only they have access to their private keys. Even if all the servers are hacked, no one can access their assets. Since literally no one but the user has access to the PIN code and therefore the private keys.

How to Set a PIN Code?


The PIN code is necessary to make transactions. Because in order to send a transaction, you need to decrypt your private key of the wallet. And the private keys are encrypted with the PIN code.

Here, we will see how you can setup a new PIN code step by step.

  • So, when you make a transaction now, you will see the following message in the last step after entering second password, you need to go to counos account.
  • When you enter this page, click on login.


  • In the login page, enter your email and your password. (these are the same email and password you use for the wallet). Then click on Login.


  • When you enter the Dashboard, click on SETUP PIN CODE.


  • When you get to the PIN code setup page, first, read the instructions carefully.


As you can see, you should enter your second password. Then you need to choose a PIN code and repeat it. Finally, click on Save.

  • Finally, after setting up your PIN code, you can see the following message:

“Your private keys have been secured by your personal PIN code.” private-key-counos-wallet

  • All done! You PIN code is set and your private keys are secured and encrypted.