Securitization of Digital Assets


Securitization of All Assets
Your tailor-made issuance solution for financial products (Swiss ISIN)

  • The crypto asset industry set out to challenge the traditional finance sector. Talent, ideas, and capital flocked to digital assets but for many investors, access remained a challenge. Seed capital was earmarked for these new opportunities but the majority of funds remains trapped in the old system. Banks, institutional investors, and wealthy individuals are missing out.
  • Counos Platform is the bridge between these two worlds.

Make All Your Digital Assets Bankable and Investible

  • Use Counos Platform to make your digital assets fungible and manageable. If you have a project in the field of digital assets, we can help your project become fully bankable and investable. Becoming bankable is considered a major milestone for every business.
  • We can make any ICO, token, crypto asset and portfolio investable, fully bankable and fungible in a Swiss Security (Swiss ISIN).

List Your Digital Assets and Make Them Fungible

  • Counos Platform can help projects in the field of digital assets with the listing process. We can help you get listed and thus become investable. Also, all projects can use our services to make their crypto assets, tokens, etc. fully fungible, and therefore be able to enter the market.

Manage the Portfolio of All Your Digital Assets

  • Our services can help you properly manage the portfolio of your digital assets, ICO, STO, etc. and make them fully bankable.
  • A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a separate legal entity created by an organization. The SPV is a distinct company with its own assets. Counos Platform can help your project, your company, or your firm with its SPV, in order to isolate your project from any financial risk.
  • You can create an SPV for your project for the purposes of funding, preventing financial meltdown, undertaking a risky venture, reducing negative financial impacts, and also for the purposes of securitization. Counos Platform can help all existing projects with all of these purposes.

Next Generation Issuance Platform for Crypto Assets

  • Counos next generation issuance platform, provides the ability to securitize and tokenize every asset, from liquid stock listed investments, to private equity or private debt and non-bankable assets like real estate.
  • Counos Platform provides tailor-made issuance solutions for financial products with the ability to create following investment products: Actively Managed Certificates, Tracker Certificates, Non-bankable Assets, Private Debt, Private Equity, Real Estate, Capital Protected Notes, Credit Linked Notes and Insurance Linked Securities.
  • The daily secondary market, the Swiss paying agent, the highest possible control and freedom of choice of all counterparties are only some of the important advantages of the issuance platform.