Smart Staking

Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet. Users get return on their investment based on the plan they choose. There are several investment plans to choose from, for instance daily or annually.

HODL & Earn


Investment with money in your hand

Any user who has an account in Counos Platform SSO can store their Counos Coin or Counos X under simple conditions in the staking system, and receive a return based on the due date of their chosen plan:

  • Simple conditions to begin staking
  • 3-month to annual plans to store coins and make money
  • Full access to the balance, and the possibility of withdrawal before the due date


Most important feature: During Staking Period, your coins will be store in a wallet that only YOU have its Private Key

How this system works?


1 First, you need to have an account in Counos SSO. If you have previously signed up to use the services of Counos, you can use that information to sign in.

2 Choose the plan you want


3 Specify the amount of deposit (for staking)

4 A new wallet is created for you, and you will have 24 hours to transfer the specified amount to that address.


5 The private key of the new wallet is shown to you, and you can make a hard copy of it.

6 The system monitors this wallet address automatically, and if you want to receive the return of your staking at the end of the plan, DO NOT use this address for any purpose (deposit or withdrawal)


7 On the specified due date, all the addresses that have followed the conditions will be charged with their interest.
Counos gives a return on the coins under your control that are not moved (transferred).

What is the source of staking?

All your addresses are registered in a mining pool and their balances allow that mining pool to turn into a trusted node. Therefore, that pool will be able to mine new coins. On the other hand, the mining pool is dependent on miners, therefore, the final interests from this process will be divided among depositors, miners, and the system. By putting your coins up for staking, you will be among the depositors of a Counos Trusted Mining Pool.