An introduction to Counos

Counos Platform is an online peer-to-peer platform with a wide variety of financial services which meets sophisticated online financial demands of Counos users. The platform supplies some of the most innovative cryptocurrencies across the world. Alongside high technical and security standards of the supplied cryptocurrencies, the platform offers a significant added value to the users by maintaining a sophisticated price stability policy, hence providing a competitive alternative to fiat currencies.
An open-source and decentralized global network, Counos suggests various financial and payment services through Blockchain technology in an all-in-one platform. Via combining both proof-of-work and Timestamp server technologies, it will offer the users the ultimate security in online payment.   read for more information



Counos Coins

Counos Services


A secure transaction service based on cryptocurrencies to purchase and sell goods and services overseen and supported by Counos.

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A secure platform to converse different types of cryptocurrencies to each other and to fiat currencies, vice versa.
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Cryptocurrency-based economic trades and the users’ deliberation to provide Counos coins are predicated on this service. Counos supports it, but it doesn’t undertake its management.
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Paper Wallet

If you like to have a wallet address without saving on any network, you can try paper wallet. while you are not connected to internet you can make a new Private Key and wallet address
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Payment Gateway

Counos Payment Gateway is a service for all shopping websites. The users can easily choose it to settle all their invoices while shopping online with the feature of choosing various cryptocurrencies in the shortest time possible. It is a secure service, since the customer’s wallet information will not be stored anywhere.
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Latest cryptocurrency news

The List of 100 Fortunate Counos Coin Winners is Published

 As we previously announced, Counos platform has now met its commitment to deliver the promised Counos Coins to fortunate winners in due assumed time. Without any procrastination, Counos platform has kept its promise to deliver the decided 100 Counos Coins (CCA) to its fortunate users.


Counos crypto Wallets

Counos Platform came to the surface in 2017 in Swiss and has attracted a great number of Loyal Members. The platform does not exist just for profits but to bring meaning to Digital Assets and Business. Credibility remains the strong point of Counos and the team always looks to facilitate each one of us in this domain.

Counos X in CoinMarketCap

Counos X market cap currently exceeds $352 million USD. For further information and getting more familiar with Counos X features you can have a look at the CoinMarketCap website

The New Version of Counos Electronic Wallet 1.9.2

A new version of Counos Electronic Wallet is going to be released soon. This new version, Counos Electronic Wallet 1.9.2, is going to have bug fixes and an exciting change compared to previous versions. We will discuss the changes of the new version in full detail.


The first winner of Counos Platform’s $10,000 lottery!

On March 20, the website of the Counos Platform the lottery took place automatically with the help of a robot. The automatic system for the first six-month, 10,000 dollar Counos Platform lottery picked a wallet address randomly and the owner of that address was announced as winner:


Blockchain News: Virtual Reality Game Sells | MARCH 2020

A virtual reality game called Somnium Space has been able to sell 100 Ethereum (ETH) worth of virtual land to players of this game on the first seven days of this multiplayer event. and more ...


counos wallet last version 192 for all user

Counos Mobile Wallet

Counos Mobile Wallet is an App for Android and iOS mobile phones which enables you to address sending and receiving cryptocurrencies simply and securely.   

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