Counos Platform

An open-source and decentralized global network, Counos is an online peer-to-peer platform suggests various financial and payment services through Blockchain technology in an all-in-one platform. Via combining both proof-of-work and Timestamp server technologies, it will offer the users the ultimate security in online payment.

The Counos network has no malice, just like nobody owns the air. In Counos, users across the globe connect to the network and control it together. Counos developers, although improving it, the change in Counos's original protocol is not possible.

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Counos Services

mini-circle-icons Escrow Service

Counos Escrow is a financial crypto service wherein a trusted third party with using Multi signatures Wallet technology keeps the payment of a transaction made between two parties. Escrow System holds License No. FVT000181 and is a very valuable Crypto escrow particularly when dealing with a lot of money.
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mini-circle-icons Payment Gateway

E-commerce businesses can use the Counos Payment Gateway to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for their goods and services. Online businesses can select which type of cryptocurrency they want to use with Payment Gateway, letting customers choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.
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mini-circle-icons Web Wallet

Counos Web Wallet is an online crypto wallet and completely decentralized that users will be able to send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies any time.The private keys are held only by users themselves. No information is stored on any server, making this system the web wallet of choice for privacy and security.
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mini-circle-icons Securitization of Digital Assets

With the help of this service offered by Counos, you can make your digital assets fully and completely fungible and manageable. Take your project, ICO, token, crypto asset and portfolio further and accomplish a major milestone considered crucial for all projects, which is becoming fully bankable and investable.
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mini-circle-icons Digital Currencies

Counos Platform offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. These digital currencies include Counos X (CCXX), Counos Coin (CCA), Counos U (CCU), Counos Bit (Cbit), and Counos H (CCH). Each one of these digital currencies has special features for users, such as bankability, Swiss ISIN number, etc.
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mini-circle-icons Decentralized Exchange

Counos DEX is a decentralized exchange that was designed to offer peer to peer and community-based decentralized trades in a secure environment and are available in 248 countries. Users can exchange a variety of cryptocurrencies, and they can also use the common fiat currencies to buy and sell digital coins.
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How to start mining

Each cryptocurrency has its own mining pool, or collection of its miners who have got together. If you want to join a cryptocurrency, you can join its mining pool and essentially join many other miners who share the mining endeavor in order to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Counos Mining Pool support multiple cryptocurrencies with great support team and community. If you're starter miner let us take you to the guide page to find out how you can connect your miners and track them in Mining Pool Dashboard:

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