An introduction to Counos

Counos Platform, established in 2018, is an online peer-to-peer platform based in Switzerland and offers many services in the domain of the Blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies. The main aim of this company is to establish an economic community based upon the Blockchain technology so that its members could further their aims with the help of this technology.

Being an open-source and decentralized global network, Counos offers an extensive variety of financial and payment services through Blockchain technology in an all-in-one platorm .

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Counos Bit, A New Hard Fork of the Bitcoin

Counos Bit is a new cryptocurrency offered by the Swiss Blockchain company, Counos Platform. This coin is a hard fork from the Blockchain network of Bitcoin.This new hard...

What is Hard Fork and Different Types of Forks

In the following we will delve more into this structure, but for now that suffices to know that this structure is extremely regular and transactions can be placed...

Counos Election System Based-Blockchain

Blockchain network is based on a transparent, tamper-proof infrastructure. This infrastructure has no central authority, so many general activities can be controlled...

counos wallet last version 192 for all user

Counos Mobile Wallet

Counos Mobile Wallet is an App for Android and iOS mobile phones which enables you to address sending and receiving cryptocurrencies simply and securely.   

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