Decentralized Exchange

By offering Decentralized Exchange service, Counos allows users to engage in peer-to-peer trades via Blockchain and directly convert cryptocurrencies to one another or fiat money in the easiest and most secure way. Decentralized Exchange service lets the users manage their currencies directly without the presence of a third party. However, Counos, as the overseer of trades, will confirm their security and validity. On the other hand, since users in Decentralized Exchange will no longer need to give their digital assets to the exchange, the risk of assets’ being hacked and stolen will be at its very minimum.

Furthermore, Counos Escrow service will be used in Counos Exchange service. The user will be able to guarantee the transaction related to converting cryptocurrencies to one another with the presence of the third party or an overseer in this service. Counos platform offers a highly secure algorithm through a threefold private key to two transaction parties and the third overseer. By registering at least two private keys, the transaction will be finally registered. In fact, the final agreement of the seller and buyer or guaranteeing the transaction for either of parties by the third party or the overseer will confirm cryptocurrencies exchange.