1.Is Counos Coin controlled and managed by a particular company or institution?

Similar to what is seen in other famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there is no centralized management on Counos Coin and will be accomplished through a particular decision-making process for service management. CSC Int. GmbH, as the founder of the currency, owns 16 million and 800 thousand original coins and will implement a structure for the development, usability, and advertising of coins. After the various miners enter the system, a change in the structure of the time will allow all network elements (nodes) to agree with the difference.


2.Is there access to the Counos Coin source code?

Yes, the source code has been released on GitHub, and it is possible to access source code from the download section of our site. The basis of the system is based on the code of Bitcoin and Lightcoin.


3.Is it possible to use Walt Mobile to manage coins of the Counos Coin?

This item is under development and will soon be available for Wallet Mobile.


4. Is buying and selling of these coins a certain price?

No, like Bitcoin and other currencies, based on market prices. At the same time, there is the possibility of converting to other Counos currencies.


5.What is the maximum number of coins to be presented in the system?

About 21 million coins have been defined in the system until now a total of 16,800,000 coins are mined such that the miners are owners. There are up to 6 decimal places available for buying and selling coins.


6. For which users is the use of Counos coin recommended?

According to our requirements, using the Counos coins is suitable for all people, especially for investors.