Counos News

The New Version of Counos Electronic Wallet 1.9.2

A new version of Counos Electronic Wallet is going to be released soon. This new version, Counos Electronic Wallet 1.9.2, is going to have bug fixes and an exciting change compared to previous versions. We will discuss the changes of the new version in full detail.


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The first winner of Counos Platform’s $10,000 lottery!

On March 20, the website of the Counos Platform the lottery took place automatically with the help of a robot. The automatic system for the first six-month, 10,000 dollar Counos Platform lottery picked a wallet address randomly and the owner of that address was announced as winner:


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Blockchain News: Blockchain in India & ... | February 2020

India’s government has formally been working on the strategy formulation to make way for Blockchain Technology Integration in key departments that are crucial right now. Also, they tend to promote intensely the professionals working on Blockchain Technology

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