VeChain COVID-19 Vaccination Records Are Now on Blockchain

Last Modified:8 Feb 2021 13:06:00
 VeChain COVID-19 Vaccination Records Are Now on Blockchain

A private hospital in Cyprus works with VeChain Blockchain technology to save the records of COVID-19 vaccinations.

One of country’s biggest health facilities called the Mediterranean hospital of Cyprus shows another captivating usage of supply chain logistic platform by using the VeChain technology app system.

According to the hospital, 100 doctors and staff had received the first dose of Coronavirus vaccine and also got a digital license on an electronic wallet called E-HCert to track their lab results.

The digital certificate is a new pace towards digital transformation in the health care industry using VeChainThor Blockchain as the Mediterranean hospital described.  

It has been tweeted that governments and individuals would be assured of the quality and viability of the outcomes of the first 100 Coronavirus vaccination records at the Mediterranean hospital while they are safely stored on the VeChain public Blockchain.

From June 2020 to August 2020, the app E-HCert was applied at the hospital. The app stored all the 8,000 COVID-19 cases' test results according to the VeChain.

Since December 2020, Aretaeio hospital in Cyprus also has joined the digital lab test wallet solution according to VeChain announcement.

Based on all the potentials the healthcare industry has, the VeChain technology has selected this organization among all the others and claims that its technology can evolve the recent prototype of the healthcare organization. It can also alter healthcare, test results, therapeutics, diagnostics delivery service plus information exchange process by a developed and secured procedure.

The VeChain promises a highly secured product lifecycle management based on supply chain and Internet of the Things protocols and it got huge support from the Chinese governments along with Walmart, BMW, and LVMH partnerships.

According to the CoinMarketCap, VeChain’s cryptocurrency with around $1.95 billion of worth is currently ranked 20th and had 20% gain in the last 24 hours and 56% gain in the last week.