Introduce Counos U

Counos U (CCU)

Counos U is a Stablecoin that was developed on the Counos Layer, which is actually a protocol on top of the Blockchain network of Counos H that allows for the creation of tokens.
100 million tokens of this Stablecoin have been mined and will be made available for public offering. The guaranteed value of each Counos U is equivalent to 1 USD. This type of cryptocurrency was introduced as a payment solution for transactions and settlements denominated in the currency of the United States of America. In addition, the cryptocurrency is accepted in the Counos Payment Gateway and can be also used to execute transactions and settlements globally. Technical confirmation and creating a new block in the network of Counos U only takes seconds.

Counos U, A new means of payment is conquering the world

Being able to pay with one currency and get a return has never been seen before and will conquer the world in no time. Counos U is 100% backed with dollars and has a fixed value of $1. To ensure this, a specially developed vehicle is built. This vehicle secures the deposited dollars. That is 4 trustees, a Swiss bank and seven other lawyers. This ensures that every Counos U is 100% backed with US Dollar, not as with USDT where only 74% is backed with dollars. Counos U is also bankable, which means you can buy Counos U directly with your primary bank via the Swiss ISIN.

Prominent features of Counos U:

  • Direct purchase and sale through your local bank
  • Fixed value of $1
  • Easy exchange to dollar, CHF, EUR or other cryptocurrencies
  • Worldwide transfer
  • Grade A safety and security algorithms
  • Fast and quick

Easy exchange from Dollar, CHF, EUR to Counos U and back

With the help of the Counos Exchange of the Counos Platform and the agents, it is easy to exchange Counos U with Fiat currencies around the world and to exchange back again.

This way you can send money around the world 24/7 in a safe and fast way. The minimum transaction costs are also negligible and therefore unrivaled. The Blockchain only takes seconds to confirm a transaction and since it is not a token but a coin, this will not be longer.

How does money transfer with Counos U work?

Transferring money with Counos U is as simple as it is ingenious. For example, we take a person who wants to deliver USD from the USA to Dubai. In this case, this person can buy Counos U from a Counos agent in the United States. He then sends these to Dubai, where an agent can convert the Counos U into USD. Since no bank has to give a confirmation, this works at any time.

Payment of goods or services

A very safe and easy way to use Counos U is to pay for goods or services. For example, if you live in the USA and order a Rolex from Switzerland, you can use Counos U on the Counos Escrow service to purchase and pay for the Rolex. The seller then sees the payment already made and can safely send the Rolex to the USA. He can then change the received Counos U to Swiss francs or US dollars or keep the Counos U and benefit from the 3.9% annual return.

Another big advantage of Counos U

Many traders or ordinary people want to keep their assets in safe currency overnight. So you can change your volatile cryptocurrencies into a stablecoin on every central exchange that Counos U offers and thus keep your assets safe. If you want withdrawals from the exchange, you can withdraw Counos U directly and do not have to refer to a bank account.

Technical Information about Counos U

Counos U was developed based on the Counos Layer protocol, which as mentioned above is a protocol on top of the Blockchain network of Counos H, which allows for easy development of tokens. 100 million units of this cryptocurrency have been mined and will be made available for public offering.

The average duration for technical confirmation and creating a new block is only seconds and it’s not possible to mine this Coin.