5 Thousand Crypto ATMs

Last Modified:8 Dec 2019 12:15:51
5 Thousand Crypto ATMs

There Are 5 Thousand Crypto ATMs All Across the World

With the growth and development of cryptocurrencies, the number of ATMs that can accept these currencies has also increased. The statistics show that currently, there are about 5 thousand ATMs all across the world, giving services to users. The General Bytes company is the main company responsible for the manufacturing of these machines. The existence of ATMs for cryptocurrencies is a serious step toward their development among the general public.

In What Place of the World Are the Highest Number of Crypto ATMs Located?

The highest number of ATMs in the world Are in the United States. In fact, 60 percent of the crypto ATMs in the world belong to the United States. 12.4 percent of the world’s crypto ATMs belong to Canada, and this means that about 70 percent of all crypto ATMs in the world are located in North America. The next place is for Europe and then Asia.

How Is the Mechanism of Crypto ATMs?

With the help of crypto ATMs, any customer can receive cryptocurrencies and pay real currency in exchange. In fact, any person can buy cryptocurrencies that are offered in crypto ATMs with his/her cash or credit cards. In more precise terms, the mechanism of ATMs that offer cryptocurrencies is not exactly like the mechanism of ordinary ATMs and is designed so that more people can access cryptocurrencies. In this way, the people who are not professionally active in the Blockchain network and systems similar to that can also enter the world of different cryptocurrencies. Through these ATMs, you can sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

To use most of these ATMs, you need to have an ID on you. For example, phone number or any other ID card is required to use these devices, and the transaction does not take place completely anonymous. After the purchase of Bitcoin from these crypto ATMs, it is possible to receive it via your email.

How Is the Outlook of Using Cryptocurrency-Based ATMs?

Cryptocurrencies are growing day by day, and with their presence, many booming markets are being formed. Their development will be furthered much faster with the increase of these ATMs. The main reason for this can be the entrance of more actors to the world of cryptocurrencies. Via ATMs, people who do not have very much knowledge and expertise in the field of cryptocurrencies can easily be active in one part of the market. Also, the similarities between these ATMs with ordinary ATMs make the use of these machines more tangible for people. There will come the day when cryptocurrencies become a part of our daily lives, and probably all of these hesitations and uncertainties that these days exist about the development of their application will be forgotten completely. What is clear is the sensitivity of states and investors regarding cryptocurrencies and the importance of Blockchain. With the entrance of more people to this field, the speed with which these new technologies move towards their maturation will greatly increase as well.