Posts From December, 2019

Switzerland and Blockchain

Switzerland is one of the pioneer countries in the field of Blockchain. It has well joined the world of Blockchain. One of the reasons of the growth of this technology in Switzerland is the pursuit and the interest of its government to develop Blockchain

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Business Applications, Use Cases

After Bitcoin being created in 2009, Blockchain drew more attention. Many people think that Blockchain will influence technology even more than the internet. In a study carried out by IBM company on 3000 activists in various domains of technology, it was found out that at least 18% of them use Blockchain in their businesses or intend to use it.

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Blockchain and an Introduction

With the effects and capacities Blockchain has shown from itself, its presence in the current world of economy has become strongly significant and dramatic. The attention of many investors in different areas has been drawn to this new technology and, fairly speaking,...

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