Posts From July, 2020

A Look Inside Counos Escrow

Counos Escrow System is a financial crypto service wherein a trusted third party keeps the payment of a transaction made between two parties (Using Multi signatures Wallet technology). Counos Escrow is managed and operated by the exchange company Counos OÜ, which is registered in the country of Estonia and has acquired all the necessary permits and license for operation.


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Counos decentralized exchange (DEX )

Technology and network communications have been progressing for a long time and as a result investment and business are not as they were in the past. It has undergone a paradigm shift. Traditional markets and physical communications are no longer the case. It’s the same for physical marketing and commercials

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Counos X, an Innovative Money Transfer Solution

The latest achievement from Counos is causing a revolution in the Blockchain and crypto world. Although there are many coins that enable inexpensive and fast transactions, they wouldn’t be considered idea money transfer solutions because of their price instability.

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