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Deconstruction of Decentralized Exchanges

The architectural structure of decentralized exchanges and the performance, as well as security tradeoffs related to different architectural choices, are delineated in the present article. Decentralized exchanges are critical in the process of cryptocurrencies transactions. By “decentralized exchange” we mean distributed ledger protocols and applications to transact cryptocurrencies without the requirement of any trusted centralized entity as an intermediary.


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You can’t get discovered in the audience...

The hardest part of being human in the workplace is other humans. These modern day open office plans are like the worst cliques of middle school combined with library rules. Leaving you no more likely to casually collide in a brilliant beautiful mind’s meeting of the minds with a colleague than you are to share a toothbrush with those Doritos and canned sardines eating mutherfuckers. But I digress.

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