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Security Official’s Claim about Blockchain Endangering People’s Political Safety

Andre Bustamante, former CIA intelligence officer, offered Blockchain as a potent threat for the national security. He described his views focusing on hacking in subreddit thread on Dec. Twenty-two in expectancy to have reaction from the interested people. In a series of questions and responses in subreddit he clearly disclosed his adverse ideas about Blockchain when he introduced it as a very effective and fruitful teaching plan which results in people learning espionage tactics.


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Calgary Launches the First Canadian Intra-city Cryptocurrency

Calgary, a city in the province of Alberta, Canada has recently announced that it will use its own cryptocurrency. Global News which is the most important media in Canada, has reported on December 7 that Calgary Dollar owners can use this crypto to pay for services and purchases from local stores from now on. Therefore, it was launched with the presence of Joe Ceci, finance minister in the province of Alberta.


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CFTC’s Plan to compile the People’s Comments to Better Diagnose Ethereum Blockchain

According to an official press on December 11, The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has collected the public’s ideas according to a request to improve Altcoin performance more than what is available about Bitcoin with the expectancy to broaden commission’s knowledge in Ether and Ethereum technology under the name of Request for Information (RFI).


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