A CLLA executive’s strong idea about the degree of cryptocurrency’s current condition severity

Last Modified:6 Mar 2021 08:19:35
A CLLA executive’s strong idea about the degree of cryptocurrency’s current condition severity

 A British executive of a charity fund under the supervision of Churches Charities and Local Authorities Community (CCLA) believes that this falling trend in Bitcoin stream is not very much serious and can only be assumed as a provisional condition which will sooner or later be eliminated. What he has said at Bloomberg crypto summit held in London was an elaboration on the differences between traditional and virtual currencies and accentuation on the difficulties businessmen do currently have.
CCLA’s total asset by the end of March 2018 was about £ 8000, and it is among the biggest fund managers, so its beliefs and thoughts are not superficial and without numerous revision of the condition. More legality and regulation will wait for virtual currencies in their idea. The other hopeful predictions include: 

 1. Establishing new financial institutions actively working on cryptocurrencies- which themselves are a kind of validity-making process for the current status of cryptocurrency. Nasdaq is one of those companies currently coming to the market, and Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), too, has recently tried to help institutions like Bakkt in starting a platform founded on cryptocurrency. 

 2. More stability in the cryptocurrency market which might be assumed as a kind of control over its unpredictable nature;
 and last but not the least,

 3. A fruitful outcome many economists and specialist will be engaged in; i.e., more homogenous market in which there are both traditional and cryptocurrencies working together to the benefit of the people investing on either of them.
Meanwhile, the role of several whales in the cryptocurrency market cannot be neglected too. They are those who took the risk of continuing an ordeal regardless of possible fluctuations or losses; since many complexities and mistakes can be easily diagnosed and resolved during working process and the field of cryptocurrency is not an exception.  A good sample is G20 country leaders who have launched a system based on cryptocurrency taxation despite all volatilities in the cryptocurrency market.