Authentication Process Will Get Faster through Microsoft Identity Tool

Last Modified:14 Feb 2021 17:29:19
Authentication Process Will Get Faster through Microsoft Identity Tool

A big tech Blockchain-oriented company is collaborating with Microsoft to implement the first decentralized infrastructure.

This open source project deals with the manner of the relationship between networks, and it is called Ion. In fact, it has the role of a decentralized identifier to help verifying the identity of the people.

There are many prospering ideas proposed by the experts in this field. For instance, Christopher Allen, co-founder of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) working group assumes it as the key for a significant influence in tech industry or York Rhodes, one of the managers in Blockchain engineering team working on decentralized identity (DID) solution explains about long-term attempts of the team to find a software with the ability of validation on the public networks albeit with more capacity.

Moreover, Rhodes believes that the recent experiments carried out in Microsoft in the field of Blockchain is somehow comparable to its Windows 95 release, which was effective in promoting using the internet.

In his opinion, in the case of using this infrastructure, they can take advantage of this innovation, and get access to DID. One of Microsoft’s previous progresses was Decentralized Identity Foundation, which reveals that this tech giant has been busy exploring different aspects of a decentralized system.

According to him, this new development by Microsoft is the most interested one among the users.

There are similar measures by the reputable company Facebook in this regard. According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is seeking for a payment platform based on stablecoins; though it is the opponent of DID standards. It is clear from its disinclination to take part in discussions in the tech industry on DIDs. It seems there are contradictory views in Blockchain adopted by two companies; however, Consensus is in Microsoft side.