Axie Infinity Hack Compensation Begins

Last Modified:29 Jun 2022 13:40:16
Axie Infinity Hack Compensation Begins


  • The reputable exchange FTX is considering the potential to acquire Robinhood. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Remember the Harmony hack that happened recently? Well, 21 million dollars in funds stolen is now gone as the hacker has passed them through the Tornado Cash mixing service. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Institutional investors offloaded a record 423 million dollars’ worth of digital assets investments last week. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Breitling, the luxury watch manufacturer is now accepting Shiba, Bitcoin, and other cryptos. “U Today”


  • LINK has been listed by Robinhood. “U Today”


  • Shiba and Ape Coin are now eligible as payment methods via Coinbase Commerce. “U Today”


  • The Moroccan central bank has warned the citizens of that country about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin News”


  • Reportedly, US crypto owners do not rush to part with their holdings despite major market correction. “U Today”


  • Peter Schiff believes that Bitcoin whales are likely still selling. “U Today”


  • Axie Infinity has begun compensating users for the 625 million dollars of assets stolen in the cyberattack. “U Today”