Becoming Familiar with Active Companies in Developing Blockchain Application

Last Modified:18 Jun 2019 12:17:49
Becoming Familiar with Active Companies in Developing Blockchain Application

Many hours of training courses and workshops on the structure of Blockchain network might not be able to interpret and describe the concept of new technologies to the extent a product or service offered is. Different companies are active in the field of Blockchain. Each one is attempting to help facilitating the development of the mentioned network through offering products and services in this area. In the following parts, the companies will be listed which are managing projects in the field of developing Blockchain.

1.     BiKi

BiKi website was launched in June, 2018. This company which is in Singapore, works in the field of exchanging digital assets. In its short time of activity, Biki has been able to attract more than 1.1 million members in their website. About 100,000 active users are active there daily. Biki is among companies which addresses Blockchain technology in the field of exchanging digital assets and is quickly growing.

2.     YottaChain

YotaChain has got the help of professional experts and specialists active in the field of Blockchain. YottaChain is considered a public Blockchain which employs a unique economic and structural model. With the help of this website, the users can connect to a supercomputer and benefit from its facilities to save data. In fact, YottaChain provides such a possibility through connecting the resources of decentralized data storage.

3.     BREACH

The only objective to establish BREACH was to guarantee the security of people’s digital assets. One of the most important concerns of each investor in the digital world is the guarantee which protects his/her assets from dangers.  As a result, BREACH which is located in Boston steps in the scene and comforts the users’ minds. In a short run that cryptocurrencies have been introduced through Blockchain infrastructure to the world and been active, there have been may frauds committed that make existence of security-providing companies necessary.

4.     Bitconch

Some of effective and elite staff who were working at Google, IBM, and General Electric, got together and are going to design a network through which doing 100,000 transactions per second is possible. Such a figure can be the highest in activities and various transactions in Blockchain network.

5.     Counos

Counos is one of the biggest company in developing Blockchain technology in Switzerland and one of the most influential in developing encryption in Europe. Counos has introduced some of the most important cryptocurrencies and stablecoins based on precious metals to the market. One the one hand, this Swiss company is launching one of the largest ecosystems based on Blockchain technology in the world. Counos has recently started developing and increasing privacy in Blockchain technology based on multi-stage encryption.

Developing Blockchain in Ascendant Route

Active companies in the field of Blockchain are working in various areas of developing this technology. Each one of these companies and active groups are located in different parts of the world and some of the brightest staff are busy searching and developing their teams and plans. In the near future, these companies will introduce their goods and services through marketing and accurate ads to the world. It is not a hunch. Since these companies are working in vocational route and it is clear that they have active marketing and ads sections. The conclusion is that the world and different investors will get more familiar with Blockchain and it will be a big step in the process of growing Blockchain technology.