Binance Getting Closer to Tax LUNC Transactions

Last Modified:26 Sep 2022 16:21:02
Binance Getting Closer to Tax LUNC Transactions


  • Another milestone in the Ripple SEC legal battle – a new lawyer joins Ripple’s defense team as lawsuit enters key phase. “U Today”


  • This week, US Federal Reserve chairman hinted that the US housing market needs a correction. “Bitcoin News”


  • LUNC is the most unprofitable crypto among the top 100. “U Today”


  • Some had suggested the exchange of national assets to Bitcoin and in response the Central Bank of Kenya’s director claimed he would have to be out of his mind before he agrees to convert the country’s reserves to Bitcoin. “Bitcoin News”


  • Amid the energy crisis in Europe, Venezuelan president has said his country is ready to step up and help with oil. “Bitcoin News”


  • Russia’s central bank and finance ministry agree on draft legislation allowing international settlements in cryptocurrency. “Bitcoin News”


  • The largest bank in Southeast Asia, DBS, has launched self-directed crypto trading. “Bitcoin News”


  • Global investment bank JP Morgan says it sees little demand for crypto as a payment method. “Bitcoin News”


  • Binance is getting closer to the implementation of a tax on LUNC transaction. “U Today”



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