Binance to Close Tron Wallet for maintenance

Last Modified:21 Jun 2022 11:29:32
Binance to Close Tron Wallet for maintenance


  • Over the weekend Bitcoin hit its worst mark since 2013 at 17 thousand dollars. “Coin Telegraph”


  • The prominent American economist, Paul Krugman believes that Bitcoin’s recent recovery is just a flash in the pan. “U Today”


  • The UK government backtracked on a proposed data collection rule for digital asset transactions. “Coin Desk”


  • Amazon has helped Shiba to burn more than 70 million tokens over the weekend. “U Today”


  • On temporary measures, Binance to close Tron wallet for maintenance. “U Today”


  • South Korean prosecutors have banned key Terra employees from leaving the country while project is being investigated. “Coin Telegraph”


  • USDC surpassed USDT by the number of daily transactions. “U Today”


  • The exchange Coin Mena has received a provisional license to operate in Dubai. “Bitcoin News”


  • Meta recently announced the launch of a digital clothing store named the “Meta Avatars Store.” “Bitcoin News”


  • Marathon said it has been accumulating Bitcoin since late 2020 and it now has 9941 BTC worth around 200 million dollars. “Coin Telegraph”