Bing Search Engine and Blocking Cryptocurrency Ads

Last Modified:12 May 2020 17:32:28
Bing Search Engine and Blocking Cryptocurrency Ads

Well-known search engine Bing blocked millions of ads related to cryptocurrencies since 2018. Value and price of cryptocurrencies have been highly volatile in recent years, and their market faced strong turbulences. This highly volatile and fluctuating market makes the condition for different kinds of expediency and frauds which can be a subset of cyber-crimes. Therefore, Microsoft Company has prevented committing the crimes in this field through banning publishing and showing ads related to cryptocurrencies.

Bing and Avoiding Publishing Cryptocurrency Ads Content

Bing search engine has blocked more than five million ads and promotion content and avoided their publishing. Among the threats of this type of content, there are ads made for buying and selling weapons or publishing scam content (expedient content with the aim of financial scam in cyberspace). This serious measure to fight against publishing cryptocurrencies promotion ads is a serious danger for the activists in the field of cryptocurrencies, and it seems that there is a long way to convince the cyberspace.

Cryptocurrency Ads and Other Cyber-Space Giants

Other virtual promotion platforms have struggled with cryptocurrencies in the past. At the beginning of 2018, Facebook removed and blocked all the ads involving promotion themes in the field of cryptocurrencies. In early June 2018, too, Google set the scene by which all promotion content in the field of cryptocurrencies was removed from its platform. These limitations imposed from two cases of most extensive and important platforms of virtual promotions on the world of cryptocurrencies caused the possibility of more introduction and development of cryptocurrencies facing a fundamental disturbance. Of course, Facebook and Google have reviewed a little in their disciplinary policies toward promotion content related to cryptocurrencies, but there are still many limitations in this regard. Avoidance of Bing search engine from offering and showing ads related to cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, causes imposing strong pressure on this market. Gradual softening of Google and Facebook and the change in their policies in showing cryptocurrencies ads in their promotion platforms can be a hopeful point which implies changes in the Bing future policies.

The Role of Promotions in Developing Cryptocurrencies

The extraordinary role and effectiveness of promotions in developing cryptocurrencies cannot be ignored at all. One of the reasons Bitcoin drew more attention than other cryptocurrencies and many consider it equal to cryptocurrencies is those promotions. The promotions in the field of introducing Bitcoin were more extensive than the other cryptocurrencies and caused its fame. In order to achieve the mental share of different users, promotions at the cyberspace is highly necessary.  There is not yet this possibility, namely, benefiting promotion ads and the content related to cryptocurrencies easily.