Bitcoin Cash’s Achievement After Two Years of Activity

Last Modified:4 Apr 2021 11:24:51
Bitcoin Cash’s Achievement After Two Years of Activity

2-year anniversary of BCH network on August 1, 2017 made its fans get together in order to mention the goals it has achieved so far.

A Brief Look on How Bitcoin Cash Was Developed

BCH fork was developed after the first BCH block (478559) was mined by the mining pool Viabtc. Its first block was able to hold 6,985 transactions. Furthermore, its recent hash rate was 4% that of BTC network. Regarding capitalization, it even succeeded in winning a higher position than Litecoin on August 2.

What is depicted on Coin Dance, is an elaborated description on what has been accomplished by BCH in these two years as well as discussed-over protocols. Developing a lot of codes unique to BCH chain is one of progresses it has had in its short life time.

The other developments observed in BCH are adding high number of technical features including raising the data-carrier-size to 220 and implementing Script operation OP_Checkdatasig, designing Cashshffle and the first privacy-centric solution for BCH, adding signature technique to the chain at block height 582680, etc.

Some Effective Advantages

  1. Tokenization is one of features BCH network owns; a complete token ecosystem using Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) with a feature of issuing, storing, sending and receiving tokens for all.
  2. Creating a great third party infrastructure support helps BCH to have the 5th largest market valuation supported by almost all major exchanges. The result is the ability to trade BCH in a peer-to-peer manner safely using the over-the-counter market.
  3. Various foundations and apps have been launched since the advent of Bitcoin Cash. Among them are Marco Coino,,, Bchgallery, Neutrino, etc.
  4. Games Team has offered a promotion for the participants and it will end in two weeks.
  5. Worldwide anniversaries which are held unitedly each year in Tokyo, San Antonio, Houston, Germany and the like, themselves are the proof that cryptocurrencies are powerful enough.

It is advised to those who have not interested in involving this new field so far to take part in these ceremonies, since it is a good occasion to know more about this technology and be familiar with its most recent achievement. You might be the next user of Bitcoin if you give yourself the opportunity to delve into it through such anniversaries.