Blockchain Bill of Rights

Last Modified:30 Jan 2020 11:48:25
Blockchain Bill of Rights

“Blockchain Bill of Rights: Design Principles for a Decentralized Future.” is created by the Global Blockchain Council part of the World Economic Forum. The purpose of this document is to involve all the stakeholders and make sure that everything goes in the right direction while blockchain is now evolving fast. A meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos from Jan 21-24 2020 will review the initial draft of Blockchain Right Bill. Stay tuned for more updates on the outcome of this.

Deployment of Blockchain Analytics Tool

UK Tax Authorities are looking forward to deploying the Blockchain Analytics Tool for tracking all the transactions of Cryptocurrencies. The proposals are being accepted till January 31 from the companies who can develop the Blockchain Analytics Tool while maintaining all the integral and security measures of Crypto Platforms. Crypto is becoming regularised and legal in most Countries and Authorities are pondering how they can improve further revenue collection from this industry as investors are building their Crypto-assets even more. 



The Counos Platform is working continuously hard to gain the confidence of investors and increase the reliability in Crypto Financial Markets. With the Blockchain Bill of Rights and Development of Blockchain Analytics Tool, things are going in the right direction for all of us. Counos Stablecoins are a great example where crypto assets value remains reliable for investors.