Blockchain can become a synonym for marketing automation in 10 years

Last Modified:12 May 2020 16:03:53
Blockchain can become a synonym for marketing automation in 10 years

What determines a killer blockchain app? Seriously.

The moment blockchain technology appeared and gain public popularity, the investors started searching for killer apps that could take the innovation to the next level. And bring a lot of profit, of course.

From 2009 to 2018 we’ve already seen a bunch of blockchain killer projectsBitcoin is the most popular one so far. Cryptocurrencies became so widespread that now you can often hear the word ‘cryptocurrency’ as an ultimate synonym to the word ‘blockchain’.

But could it be that cryptocurrencies are not even the main direction for blockchain to develop it? Now, with ICO rise, it seems difficult to believe but when you dig deeper into other possible technology applications, this opinion changes.


Let’s take marketing automation for instance

Blockchain has already been integrated into a number of marketing automation platforms. We have already seen decentralized influencer services, social media management software, and CRMs. Considering the privacy regulations and overall data safety obsession, blockchain has found its gold mine. While marketing industry desperately fights all the issues, brought up on its head this year, blockchain offers a solution.

How does it make marketing automation a killer app?

Looking at all already existing killer blockchain apps — like that same Bitcoin, we can break down the characteristics of a killer project or a soon to be one.

  1. For an app to become successful, it has to be demanded on the market and be commercially profitable. In other words, you have not to simply solve a problem but to make sure that people are ready to pay for that.
  2. This leads to another question: what is the target audience? It’s not just about solving a problem but also about giving the solution to those people who are ready to invest in it. Actual money.
  3. The last but not least factor is the possibilities for development. It’s great if projects can solve some challenges but there always has to be a place for scaling. Bitcoin, for example, is not limited to the particular industry which makes its possibilities almost endless.

Marketing automation falls to all these requirements

Digital marketing is facing major issues of fighting fraud and providing transparency. With GDPR that has come in force May 25, and huge data security scandals with Cambridge Analytica, the situation got only more difficult.

The industry is overwhelmed with handling ethical and security issues and existing solutions have a difficult time adapting to the new requirements. Blockchain, with its decentralization, has a great potential for solving these issues.

What about the audience?

As methods of digital promotion develop, more businesses take interest in implementing automation in their workflow. This means the target audience is not limited specifically to marketing managers but basically includes all business owners in various industries. A blockchain platform for marketing automation can be implemented in a wide range of fields.

The best part is the need for marketing automation, while already being high, will only grow. The number of promotion channels grows, requiring business owners to be experts in search engine optimization, social media and email marketing, influencer promotion, and many other fields. Is it possible for a business owner with no marketing background to be on top of all these things? Not really. That’s why the need of automation will grow stronger every day, as marketing becomes more crucial for business development.

Ideas of how blockchain can contribute marketing automation and what marketing automation brings to blockchain

With rising tension between customer obsession and privacy, decentralized systems are a possibility to solve the crisis. Blockchain enables small businesses to collect and safely store data without requiring the mediation of Google or Facebook. This concept is undoubtedly revolutionary for SMB’s digital marketing.

Customer obsession is not a competitive advantage but a necessary market requirement.

It’s no secret that it’s difficult for small businesses to compete with big corporations when it comes to collecting data and promoting their services. Blockchain answers this question.

Do we already have a competitive blockchain solution for SMBs?

Yes. Take a look at Triggmine, for instance — an AI-powered blockchain marketing automation platform that offers business owners a possibility to create and manage promotional campaigns on distributed systems. Armed with Artificial Intelligence algorithms, company owners are also able to collect unique insights, and store them in an independent database.

Why would this solution be impossible to implement if not for blockchain?

  1. No matter how much data you collect, it’s as good as useless if can’t be stored properly. Blockchain ensures database security.
  2. Giving access to the company data to the third party leaves business overs with no control over marketing process. On a blockchain platform, the mediation is entirely cut off.
  3. As companies aspire to become data-driven, secure blockchain storages fill in the safety gap.

Blockchain develops automation — marketing automation develops blockchain

Over the course of this year, we’ve had plenty of possible candidates for the title of the Blockchain Killer Industry — tourism, media, gaming — and many others. Indeed, they have a high potential but not as much as marketing automation does.

Why not?

Let’s see what makes email marketing the number one candidate to become a killer industry for blockchain.

Firstly, the magnitude of challenges is way bigger than in other industries. You can hardly find more diverse field than marketing is. Dozens of channels, thousands of tools, millions of companies — they all use digital marketing. If blockchain is to address all the issues, it would require technology to grow at an unbelievable pace trying to find the answers to all the challenges.

We already see this happening. To make marketing automation platforms efficient, developers learned to combine blockchain with AI, IoT, character recognition, machine learning and many other innovations. While adding new technologies to the mix, marketing automation gives plenty of space for using regular blockchain practices like tokenization.

From an online store — to AI-powered decentralized system — to campaign settings — to the campaign, and it’s all automated

With more methods combined, new solutions will appear. As platforms grow, the further blockchain develops.

Secondly, it would force blockchain to provide answers to companies in different industries and fields. See, marketing automation platforms are used not just by marketers but also by hospitals, banks, schools. That means blockchain’s impact in all domains will grow tremendously, with the appearance of fintech or healthcare marketing services.

And Triggmine, as an all-in-one decentralized platform for marketing automation is the best yet to come.


Blockchain empowers marketing automation. Marketing automation empowers blockchain. It’s a win-win. To solve its problems, marketing industry desperately needs blockchain as its only lifeline. Blockchain, on the other hand, would have to meet the requirements of platform’s users, and therefore, developers and enthusiasts will be constantly taking steps forward, ultimately bringing technology to the new level.