Blockchain Can Enter the Field of Copyright

Blockchain Can Enter the Field of Copyright

Do you know Blockchain with Bitcoin? If the answer is yes, I should tell you that Blockchain has numerous other uses that creative people have discovered and applied in various fields. If you are interested in writing, creating content in different artistic fields or inventions and discoveries, you have surely entangled with the copyright issue. Despite different legislations in this field, the rights of content creators and artistic as well as scientific works have been violated, but one of the creativities proposed in the field of applying Blockchain is using it to defend the suppliers in various fields. How does Blockchain resist against copyright violation? Is it feasible?

Blockchain Defends Copyright

Blockchain is a decentralized system. This decentralized system is not controlled by any institute. Information exchange in it is easy, cheap, and fast. You can comfortably track the existing data. For instance, in copyright with the help of Blockchain, you can register your works in this network and easily track any theft about them.

You can simply identify the IP of different people who seek abusing others’ intellectual properties on the internet. Identifying people and tracking their breach are no more difficult with new technologies. Therefore, the chance to get access to their rights will get much more than the past for the authors.

What Should the Author Do?

Those who intend to keep their intellectual properties from theft and robbery on the internet and cyberspace should take some measures. The authors Should register their works in an IP protection system based on Blockchain. As a result, any kind of illegal use from their works will be easily trackable. The existence of new technologies can simply solve many problems which have been unsolvable before.

Does Blockchain Have Many Applications?

Blockchain is not just limited to cryptocurrencies. When we speak about it, many people think that it is something about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but we should accept that this new technology is too exact and deep to be limited merely to one area. Blockchain and technologies derived from it can easily enter areas such as policy, education, social issues, and many other various fields and influence dramatically. Of course, this new technology still needs growth and making itself known to the public. It seems that with passing the time and considering the fact that in recent months and generally from the beginning of 2019, the status of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain has been more ideal, the speed of publishing news and making Blockchain known for the public will get more than before. Blockchain is an attractive technology. It should not be understated. Do you agree?