Blockchain Integrated DLT

Last Modified:30 Jan 2020 12:26:39
Blockchain Integrated DLT

Toyota Leasing Thailand Co Ltd using Distributed Ledger Technology powered by Blockchain. Debentures will be issued through this system and it will facilitate massive transaction recording to be accessed from multiple places.


Blockchain Solutions Required For Indian Schools

Indian IT Minister has given the task to the local National Informatics Center to work towards Blockchain Technology Solutions, initially for the Government Schools. If implemented successfully, this can transform the Education Sector in India and immensely helpful in Centralized Management from multiple locations. They have initiated the Startup movements and technology solutions are rapidly shifting towards Blockchain Technology

The shift towards Blockchain Technological Solutions is massive and more people, institutions are calculating their prospects. Counos Platform is also powered by Blockchain Technology and this is why it has evolved into such a secure Financial Trading and Services Platform. Counos Escrow and Payment Gateways are one of the leading reliable Digital Payment Solutions that is now used in the Digital Economy.