Blockchain Startups Raised a Total of 822 Million Dollars in 2019

Last Modified:6 Jul 2019 09:15:32
Blockchain Startups Raised a Total of 822 Million Dollars in 2019

According to a new report by the American venture platform Outlier Ventures published on July 2, Blockchain startups have raised a total of 822 million dollars in 279 venture capital deals.

At the same time, Lawrence Lundy-Bryan, a partner at the Outlier Ventures, said that the dynamics of the venture capital investment in the space of Blockchains has declined. Lawrence Lundy-Bryan stated that the number of large investments in the field of Blockchain has decreased.

The reason Lawrence Lundy-Bryan believes that the investment market of the Blockchain startups has declined is that in 2018, Blockchain startups raised a total of 3.9 billion dollars in investments. Therefore, this year’s figures are more than 3 billion dollars less than that of last year.

Even though 822 million dollars is considered a rather large amount of money for startups, especially in the new field of Blockchain, but compared to last year, they are not doing as well.

Although the total amount of investments has decreased in 2019, but many crypto exchanges have been trying to attract investment. Among these crypto exchanges is the South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb. This South Korean crypto exchange earned 200 million dollars in investments in 2019.