Blockchain to Be Used in Voting Systems

Blockchain to Be Used in Voting Systems

At the start of the Blockchain technology route, it was thought that the mentioned network would be used just in scientific fields. However, it is not the case. In fact, there are many applications for Blockchain network. This new technology can enter different fields and make dramatic changes in different areas. For example, can Blockchain enter the field of policy? It seems that the answer is positive, and with the help of this network, there is the chance for the users to register their vote in different areas.

Does Blockchain Go Ahead in the Way to Maturity?

If you do a little research about the internet and its very first days of activity, you will notice that in its early advent, using cyberspace has not had its today form. In time, all things change, and these days, the internet and cyberspace have changed into an inseparable part of our life. The Blockchain state and technologies belonging to it are exactly the same.

With the facilities Blockchain offers in different areas and the application it can have in various fields, it is gradually reaching the maturity stage. One of the instances of this maturity is the investigations carried out to decide whether to enter it into voting or not. Using this system and a decentralized network for voting can change into one of the most important applications of Blockchain.

How to Vote with Blockchain?

In order for the public to use a secure and bona fide voting system, a system should undertake voting which doesn’t have any benefit, and in fact, it should be a decentralized network like Blockchain. In order for the people to be able to vote through Blockchain, they should register in the Blockchain network. After verifying the people’s qualification by the elections observer, they will be given a token to vote.

This token lets the people participate in voting. Through this method, all the people who are verified to vote can register their vote through changing into a node in the Blockchain network. Among the benefits of Blockchain, it can be pointed out that there is no reason to worry about finishing the voting time and lack of equal opportunities at the time of voting for the people. In addition, vote count will proceed in a fully decentralized way and without any fraud or scam.

Is Blockchain Reliable for Voting?

Holding voting through Blockchain has clarity and transparency. When all users oversee the existing information in the network and verifying any data registration entails public confirmation, there will be no chance for tampering with or committing any fraud by the offender. The states and politicians have contradictory views about Blockchain and its achievements. Some pay attention to it and are optimistic about new technologies, and some others disagree. However, the fact is that all of them focus on this new infrastructure of new technology. Growth and development on new changes in the world cannot be banned. Denying any new phenomenon will just be harmful for those who attempt to ignore it.