Blockchain Will Also Affect How Jobs Are Done

Last Modified:16 Jun 2019 09:47:24
Blockchain Will Also Affect How Jobs Are Done

It is not possible to tamper with and make a change in the accounts and user information available in the Blockchain network. When data and information are added to the large Blockchain network, they will be there forever. In order to approve the authenticity of data in Blockchain, users are involved to the same extent, and there is no surveillance by central and state organizations. This amazing infrastructure that works with much transparency and will be used in different fields. For example, in the field of managing organizations and jobs. In fact, wherever registering information is involved, and there is the need for tracing data, there will be the possibility of implementing the Blockchain network.

Using Blockchain in Attracting Work Force

Blockchain can also be used in attracting work force. Different people usually change a percentage of facts about themselves in their work resumes to get an edge over other competitors. But if resumes are registered in the Blockchain system, tracking the authenticity of their points will be possible. For example, participating in an expert and specialized workshop is approved by the Blockchain network and the person’s certificate is officially added to the Blockchain network, and the promoters of the course confirm the participation of that person in the network. This possibility prevents facing a world of fake claims in the process of attracting work force.

Eliminating Mediators from Communication

Different companies and organizations in contact with each other should constantly sign various agreements and contracts or make financial transactions. With the existence of the Blockchain network, mediators can be eliminated. Different companies and organizations will no longer need mediators in managing their communications with each other, and this leads to higher speed in doing different projects and operations among companies. One of the important features that Blockchain networks offer are the smart and direct contracts that facilitate the communication among different companies and organizations.

Immutability Feature in Blockchain

Of course, with all the advantages that can be received from the Blockchain network in the field of work and professionalism, there are dark sides to it as well that could be good to consider. For example, if a person’s entire resume is to be registered in the Blockchain network by the employer and organization, the possibility that in the future the abysmal shadow of the past would always follow that person will be very high. Anyone makes mistakes in their personal and work lives and would regret them later on. In this way, the presence of such background in the Blockchain network can change the future of people. Blockchain technology is still in its infancy. Surely its developers will think about its other aspects such as increasing the privacy of users and their information in addition to increasing its application in financial and economic fields.