Bright Future is Ahead for Counos X Cryptocurrency

Last Modified:26 Apr 2021 07:56:07
Bright Future is Ahead for Counos X Cryptocurrency

In this article, with a short overview of Counos platform, we will examine the key features of this platform that has convinced many analysts to predict that a bright future awaits Counos Platform.


This company was established in 2018 in Switzerland and so far has offered many services in the domain of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Via offering many cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and online financial services, Counos Platform provides safer and more reliable exchanges and investments to the digital market.


Apart from offering various cryptocurrencies and stablecoin, this blockchain-based platform also offers a variety of other services, including Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Escrow Service, Payment Gateway, Mobile & Web Wallet.


Currently, Counos X (CCXX) is on the rapid uptrend and with regard to increase in demand for this cryptocurrency, it is expected that the upward trend will continue with more intensity.


Following the increase in transactions during last week, Counos X price continued to rise despite the sharp drop in the price of bitcoin, reaching to $92, which is the highest price of Counos X in the entire trading period.


Counos X is yet a completely new cryptocurrency, but due to its capabilities and unique features, it has been welcomed by traders. This has led to a significant increase in demand for this digital currency and this is one the main reasons for its price increase.

What features in Counos Platform have made Counos X grow fast with a bright future? 



Counos X is the first bankable cryptocurrency, meaning that Counos Platform is the first company that has developed a coin which can be bought directly from the bank. This unique feature has made it possible to buy Counos X anywhere in the world and in any banks using the Swiss ISIN number.


Precise Roadmap

Considering that there has been published a very detailed and precise roadmap for Counos X, it can be understood that this platform can provide special services for people due to its unique features. Counos popularity will increase steadily due to its commitment to offer safe and secure financial services. The existence of this roadmap ensures users of the existence of professional developers and a highly devoted executive management with sound and accurate planning. This roadmap also makes sure that a bright future awaits the Counos X.


Counos Layer

This protocol will be added to the Counos X blockchain network and according to this protocol, Counos X blockchain network will be able to create digital assets like tokens. Counos Layer source code is taken from Omni Layer code. 

Counos Layer will allow the creation of crypto assets such as tokens and other custom digital assets. Omni Layer is a software layer that can be built on top of the Blockchain network of cryptocurrencies.


Certificate Issuance System

With the help of this certificate issuance system, CCXX Blockchain Network can be used to issue all kinds of certificates, including university degrees, customs documents, transportation documents, identification documents, etc.

CCXX Blockchain Network will offer a decentralized public ledger that makes it possible to store different certificates in a secure, independent and unchangeable way.


Election System

Election System will allow election and voting mechanisms to be based on CCXX Blockchain Network. CCXX Blockchain Network enables elections to take place in the most reliable and transparent way possible.

Counos Election Systems functions in a way that each CCXX transaction is represented by a vote which is cast by the voters. For instance, each vote can be cast by making a transaction equal to 0.005 CCXX.

Therefore, equal to the number of voters, Counos X coin will be generated and each voter can send the due amount of CCXX to the wallet of his/her desired candidate. Via the means of Counos Election System, no information can be added or deleted.


Copyright System

With the help of the Copyright System, CCXX Blockchain Network will be used to register all kinds of copyrights. This system can be used to register all types of patents, intellectual property rights, music rights and other types of copyrights.

Each registered transaction contains specific information and IDs, including the exact time of registration. Therefore, when an individual registers copyright with the help of CCXX Blockchain Network, he/she will receive the document that contains completely accurate information about the time of copyright registration in an unchangeable manner.

Decentralized Finance

This system is in fact a modern decentralized banking system that for instance can be used for lending. Users who would desire to lend their assets or invest in various projects can store their assets in one wallet in the Crypto Pool.

On the other hand, users who are looking for a loan or to raise funds for their projects, can register their application in this system. All these processes are based on the CCXX DeFi System.

All these innovations and capabilities are based on Counos X (CCXX) cryptocurrency, because all of these features require Counos X in order to function properly.  For instance, ballots, documents issued, transaction fees for the Counos Layer Protocol, and as a whole all of these systems and features require Counos X in order to perform properly.

As a result, there is a huge and significant demand for Counos X. On the other hand, it creates more value and wealth. If we also consider the tokens that will be created by the Counos X Blockchain Network, we will see the creation of a huge financial network based only on Counos X.


Counos MultiSig Wallet

A Multisignature wallet, or commonly referred to as a MultiSig wallet is a kind of electronic wallet that requires more than one signature or private key in order to be accessed. 

The services provided by Counos Platform benefit greatly from MultiSig wallet technology, but in general this technology is used in Counos Escrow, Counos X, and Counos DEX.

MultiSig wallet technology offers a higher level of security and ensures that wallet assets will not be accessible with a single key. For this reason, MultiSig wallet is used in Counos Escrow and Counos DEX, because cryptocurrency-based exchanges take place in these systems.


Escrow Service

Counos Escrow Service is a cryptographic financial system in which a trusted third party monitors payments and transactions between two parties of a contract. Counos Escrow is managed by Counos OÜ exchange.

The company is registered in Estonia and has all the necessary licenses to provide cryptocurrency exchange services. Counos Escrow can be used in cryptocurrency peer-to-peer transactions, Bitcoin OTC, real estate transactions, and virtually any financial transactions.


As we have seen, Counos Platform has unique features that will facilitate transactions between people around the world and it will also enable the transfer of wealth on a larger scale.

The purpose of this platform is to create an economic system whose main supporter is the community and its people. The tools and opportunities needed for users are provided, so that they can advance their goals and create more wealth and value.

This whole economic community is based on a strong financial foundation that enables it to create more wealth and transfer it to other communities by means of the provided currencies.