Can Blockchain Be the Savior for Refugees?

Last Modified:8 Apr 2021 19:19:36
Can Blockchain Be the Savior for Refugees?

Illegal refugees and immigrants are facing a great change in their lives. A change that will their going back to their normal lives take several years.

Can new technologies, such as Blockchain, be considered as solutions to save these people? It seems that the Blockchain technology will be beneficial in offering an infrastructure for recording the data and information of different immigrants and refugees.

Precise recording of these people’s information in the field of health care, finance and education in a decentralized system will help solve many of their problems.

The Footprint of Blockchain in the World of Refugees

With implementing Blockchain to record different information, refugees can record their data in different fields in the system.

If some companies can accept the responsibility of organizing the presence of refugees in the Blockchain network, then these vulnerable people too can be active in various businesses.

Also, financial transactions are possible with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, paying for loans is also possible in these infrastructures.

The Mechanism of Blockchain in the World of Refugees

Refugees can create profiles for themselves using smartphones and record various data about themselves. You may say that such data and information are not very precise and it is possible for them to be wrong.

In order to avoid such problems, a third party will be present and approve the authenticity of the recorded data. This third party can be the previous boss of the refugee or the manager of an institute, university or school.

All of these data will later be saved on a ledger and will be available at any time.

The Benefits of New Technologies for the World

As it seems, Blockchain and new technologies in the world such as cryptocurrencies and decentralized loan payment systems are among the best tools that can be beneficial for all by eliminating the borders between people.

In many places of the world, the local people of the countries or refugees do not have an identity or ID card. With Blockchain it will be easily possible to register anyone’s information.

Only with the help of a smart tool, such as cell phones, you can easily empower the vulnerable people of the world. Refugees that normally have to spend many years of their lives in camps, can gain job opportunities with decentralized information systems and can be paid using cryptocurrencies and similar technologies or attend to their financial transactions.

Many immigrants have numerous problems in sending money to their families in poor and undeveloped countries, and if Blockchain-based payment systems become prevalent in the world, all of these problems will go away. Technology, more than any motto, book or political campaign, will bring freedom and liberty for the world and this is admirab.