Capitalization of Solana Dropped by $2.7 Billion

Last Modified:5 Jul 2022 07:52:04
Capitalization of Solana Dropped by $2.7 Billion


  • Reportedly, crypto exchange volumes are falling rapidly in India. “AMB Crypto”


  • After the Argentinian economy minister quit his job, people of Argentina have heavily turned to purchase Stablecoins. “Coin Desk”


  • Celsius has sent a massive 72 million dollars to the wallet they have used for selling funds and it has made users worried. “U Today”


  • In the midst of the crypto market destabilization, the capitalization of Solana has dropped by 2.7 billion dollars to around 11 billion dollars. “U Today”


  • It seems that, crypto market investors have soured on Tether since the collapse of the Terra USD in early May. “Bloomberg”


  • Singapore about to take a tougher stance on crypto. “U Today”


  • Russia’s telecommunication and media watchdog blacklists crypto news outlet “Bitcoin News”


  • Tesla is set to report a huge Bitcoin-related impairment in its upcoming quarterly report. “U Today”


  • Bank of Russia to back the legalization of crypto mining if miners sell their coins abroad. “Bitcoin News”


  • The hard fork of the Cardano network known as Vasil has finally gone online on the test net of this cryptocurrency. “Coin Telegraph”



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