Cardano Wants to Become More Decentralized

Last Modified:29 Aug 2022 16:15:50
Cardano Wants to Become More Decentralized


  • Ethereum’s current energy consumption equates to country with a population of about 19 million people. “U Today”


  • More than 1.2 million Shiba burned over the last 7 days. “U Today”


  • Cardano to become even more decentralized after implementing this update. “U Today”


  • Shiba Inu is now behind Polygon after losing its bullish momentum. “U Today”


  • A class action lawsuit alleges Coinbase failed in its obligation to set up robust security measures. “Coin Desk”


  • Latvian citizen extradited to the US for defrauding crypto investors. “Bitcoin News”


  • Gox doesn’t plan to provide Bitcoin payments anytime soon. “U Today”


  • Dogecoin gets traction among whales and sneaks into top 10. “U Today”



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