Celsius Closer to Possible Insolvency

Last Modified:19 Jun 2022 10:02:51
Celsius Closer to Possible Insolvency


  • The trading volume of Dogecoin went up to get it on the top 10 list for Binance whales. “U Today”


  • The founder of Cardano has rejected all the claims of saying that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. “U Today”


  • Ethereum implosion continues as ETH price slips under 1000 dollars. “Coin Telegraph”


  • The network difficulty of Bitcoin has slipped under 200 exahash per second. “Bitcoin News”


  • The two platforms of Celsius and Three Arrows Capital creep closer to possible insolvency. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Tron DAO transferred a total of 300 million dollars to the reserve pool of USDC. “U Today”


  • Third non-EU country, Ukraine, joins the European Blockchain Partnership. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Bad news: the sell-off continues. Good news: traders are staying despite it. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Terra LUNA aftermath: USD-pegged Stablecoin, Magic Internet Money falls to 92 cents. “Coin Telegraph”


  • Bitcoin breaks below 20,000 dollars losing the 2017 historic peak. “U Today”