Counos CAD, A New Solution in the World of Stablecoins

Last Modified:5 Apr 2021 19:01:55
Counos CAD, A New Solution in the World of Stablecoins

Counos CAD is a type of stablecoin offered by Counos platform. This cryptocurrency is developed based on Litecoin source code and has an independent network.

About 21 million units of Counos CAD have been pre-mined, and the stage is set for the initial coin offering.

This cryptocurrency is introduced as a tool to do payments, and the Canadian dollar supports it; in other words, each Counos CAD equals to 100 Canadian dollars. Counos CAD is accepted in Counos payment gateway and the required time to confirm transactions carried out by it is about two-and-a-half minutes.

Counos CAD and Counos Platform

The activities of the Swiss enterprise which has launched Counos platform have greatly revolutionized the vision of working with cryptocurrencies. New horizons that cryptocurrencies such as Counos CAD have added to the digital market is a good ground to think about.

These cryptocurrencies, or let’s say, stablecoins have extra stability, power, and flexibility. Counos CAD and cryptocurrencies similar to it which are offered by Counos platform, are supported by well-known cryptocurrencies of the world like the Canadian dollar or precious metals such as gold.

As a result, there is more trust in it and given the limited number of Counos CADs or other cryptocurrencies which are mined and offered to the market, controlling their value fluctuations will be easier than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Counos CAD and the World of Blockchain

Counos CAD has entered the world of stablecoins after careful study and investigations as one of the products of Counos platform.

Through numerous turbulences in the value and not being accepted by the general public, Cryptocurrencies taught a fruitful lesson to the Swiss enterprise manufacturing Counos Coins.

They understood that in order for their Counos Coins to be welcomed, they should use some solutions to make the general public optimistic toward cryptocurrencies.

Hence, the issue of supporting real currencies such as USD and CAD has been proposed. In fact, Counos platform and its stablecoins such as Counos CAD are the result of an experience that the world of cryptocurrencies has offered the manufacturers of these digital currencies.

The Future of Counos CAD and its Peers

It seems that Counos CAD is exactly what the world of cryptocurrencies needs. The reason is that Counos cryptocurrencies like Counos CAD have stability and can be accounted on like any other traditional asset.

The variety that Counos platform has applied in offering its cryptocurrencies has led to the creation of a wide choice for the customers and activists in the market of cryptocurrencies.

Counos platform besides Counos CAD offered currencies like Counos Cash, Counos Gold, Counos Silver, Counos E, and Counos U, and it was planned to add the services based on cryptocurrencies exchange.

Security protocols applied in Counos infrastructure guarantee doing safe transactions for the users. This Swiss platform offers different necessary types of ledgers or wallets to do transactions through Counos CAD and its peers.

Variety is among the main features of Counos stablecoins which will cause many beneficiaries, and buyers get engaged in this market in the near future.