Counos Coin and the First Public Offering of a Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Last Modified:4 Apr 2021 13:46:09
Counos Coin and the First Public Offering of a Decentralized Cryptocurrency

Financial platform based on Blockchain

Counos is an all-in-one financial platform based on Blockchain which started activity in the market of cryptocurrencies through offering a wide range of stablecoins based on credible global currencies such as Counos U, Counos CAD, Counos Cash and Counos E and stablecoins based on precious metals like Counos Gold, and Counos Silver.

A large number of analysts in the field of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies believe that Counos is soon able to change into an important financial platform. Counos coin, one of Counos platform cryptocurrencies, experienced an appropriate volume of trades in the short term of its offering to the exchanges such as Southxchange, but a larger opportunity has been provided.

In April 2011, the price of Bitcoin equaled just one U.S dollar and currently, June 22, 2019, it has the value equal to 9916 dollars. Almost everyone who has limited information about the world of cryptocurrencies has been interested in changing a part of his/her capital to Bitcoin in recent years to benefit from its high value.

However, with the new Counos design, this idea has come into reality. Counos Coin will ultimately mine 21 million coins with a similar algorithm to that of Bitcoin, and in fact, the number of cryptocurrencies is limited like Bitcoin. Presently, more than 16,800,000 of this coin have been mined, and the end of its mining can take more than 400 years.

Through designing the new Counos Platform, more than 15 million Counos Coins will be offered freely to all users who register in this platform and install its wallet and more than one million coins will be supplied for cryptocurrency exchanges to carry best out trades related to this coin.

Through having the ownership of all Counos Coins and offering them publicly, Counos founder has decided to guarantee its future economic growth through forming a totally decentralized financial atmosphere.

Furthermore, according to Counos official notice, every six months, there is a large drawing for all people who have at least one Counos Coin in their wallet and $10,000 will be awarded. Therefore, the same destiny Bitcoin has had might occur for Counos Coin too.

At least with this new design, the recurrence of history will not be far-fetched and probably as HuffPost predicts, Counos, too, will turn into one of the powerful rivals of Paypal and Western Union, and it might be able to increase the people’s assets up to ten times.

On the other hand, currently, only 1000 people own more than 40% of the volume of Bitcoin trades. The idea of Bitcoin being decentralized actually has, to some extent, faded through entering huge capitals in the past years. However, Counos is to consider all people as stakeholders of this group through offering Counos Coin to all users without any middleman.

Big changes will take place in offering Counos Coin, and we should wait and probably expect that public offering of Counos Coin can cause an increase in the value of cryptocurrencies’ market.

Reference: Cintjournal