CounosCoin Is Set to Enter IDAX

Last Modified:7 Apr 2021 06:32:30
CounosCoin Is Set to Enter IDAX

Enter IDAX Crypto Exchange

IDAX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and among the top 10 digital asset exchanges, announced yesterday, August 30, 2019, that it is about to enter to its exchange platform Counos Coin (CCA), a new cryptocurrency based on Litecoin source code. According to the announcement by IDAX, after CCA is added to this exchange platform, users will be able to trade Counos Coin for Bitcoin (CCA/BTC) and also trade Counos Coin for U.S. dollar (CCA/USDT).

As to what will be the exact date of this, the IDAX website announced that the specific time will be announced subsequently and asked users to follow this website’s announcements to find out about the time. When the specific time is announced and Counos Coin (CCA) is added to this cryptocurrency exchange, trading will be open for the two trading pairs of CCA/BTC and CCA/USDT.

Counos Coin (CCA) will have less than 21 million coins. This cryptocurrency is one of the cryptocurrencies offered by the Counos Platform, which is an online peer-to-peer platform with a wide variety of financial services which meets sophisticated online financial demand of Counos users. Alongside high technical and security standards of the supplied cryptocurrencies, the platform offers a significant added value to the users by maintaining a sophisticated price stability policy, hence providing a competitive alternative to fiat currencies.