Counos Paper Wallet Generator Supports 203 Coins

Last Modified:7 Feb 2021 18:19:51
Counos Paper Wallet Generator Supports 203 Coins

Counos Platform has once again set itself apart, since Counos Paper Wallet now supports more than two hundred cryptocurrencies. In fact, users are able to store 203 coins using this paper wallet in the safest way possible.

With this high number of supported coins, Counos Paper Wallet has truly has stood out, since a whopping two hundred and three different types of cryptocurrencies are supported and incredibly safe and secure paper wallets can be generated for them.


The paper wallet offered by the Swiss-based Blockchain company, Counos Platform, allows users to generate wallets in order to store cryptocurrencies in the safest way imaginable.


You can go to Counos Paper Wallet to create a paper wallet for yourself. In the process a public key and a private key are generated for you. Then you can print out your paper wallet. The coins are sent to the public key or the crypto address.


Now you have a hard copy or paper wallet with your cryptocurrencies stored safely and securely. You can store the paper wallet away in a safe or deposit box. This is one of the safest forms of storing cryptocurrencies, since the storage type of known as cold storage or offline, therefore, there is no online access to your wallet.


When you want to use your coins, you can use the private key to import your paper wallet into another wallet, such as the Counos Mobile Wallet. When you import your paper wallet into a mobile or web wallet, you can then make transactions using your cryptocurrencies.


The two hundred and three (203) coins supported by Counos Paper Wallet are as follows:






























































 Deutsche eMark 





















































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