Counos Wallet New version 1.8.0

Last Modified:23 Dec 2019 07:54:08
Counos Wallet New version 1.8.0

The Counos Wallet is an App for Android and iOS mobile phones that enables you to address sending and receiving cryptocurrencies simply and securely.


The performance of the system is very simple. First, you register in the app, receive your address for different supported coins, and you can share it, or simply withdraw from your balance and send it to your business party through scanning QR code.

Counos wallet is one of the best apps that allows its users to exchange cryptocurrency. It is an online peer-to-peer platform with a wide variety of financial services that meets sophisticated online financial demands of Counos users. It supports a collection of the best cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum in our wallet.

Proof-of-work Algorithm:

Counos mobile wallet offers a proof-of-work algorithm. This creates a computational challenge to be solved by a network of computers to certify a block of transactions. 

One more feature of counos is reasonable security measures.

Transaction Confirmation Time:

Counos offers the transaction confirmation time, calculated at about 2.5min on average. 

Security Measures:

Counos offers a significant added value to the users by maintaining a price stability policy, providing a competitive alternative to fiat currencies. Users can finance safely in the digital market. This app suggests various financial and payment services through Blockchain technology in an all-in-one platform. It can also offer users the ultimate security in online payment.


Furthermore, Counos Wallet supports the fingerprint system to secure it from unauthorized access and a second password to secure payments.

Faster Access

Security measures are taken in Counos platform that provides users faster access to their finances, especially in time-sensitive situations. the technology and innovation they use for their customer easiness and make them feel free and comfortable for exchanging cryptocurrency. 

How Does Counos Wallet Work?

If you are new to counos coins and don’t know how to access to counos wallet then follow these steps: 

1: Either download counos coins from the official website You can find this on Google play and app store as well.

2: sign up in counos wallet app and give your private password, after a successful download you can use counos wallet. For each login, you have to give your password.

3: if you want to send the number of crypto coins, you should select one of those crypto coins and press the send button then write the amount in the field with the destination wallet address.

4: Due to receiving many crypto coins, you should select one of the coins from those of crypto coins on the main page of the wallet and press copy to the unique address of your crypto coin wallet and send this to your partner or you can send QR code as well.

NOTE: Never show your password or private key. Always use the public key.

What currency does the Counos wallet support?

Counos support a collection of the major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and Ethereum in the wallet in a way that in case you install it, there will be no need to have different Apps.


Mobile Counos Wallet supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and Counos Coins by just one simple app. It’s an online Wallet and if you have access to the Internet, you can use it.


This app offers a wide variety of financial services to meet the most sophisticated online financial demands. It also supplies some of the most innovative cryptocurrencies across the world.


Counos is rapidly growing. It also offers an Escrow Service for a secure multi-signature wallet, enhancing the way we trade cryptos; and also offers a payment gateway. Counos wallet offer developed coins based on the Litecoin source code and operate within a completely independent network. 


Previously Counos lacking some of the key features but now it has become one of the best counos exchange platforms.


  • General improvements in the performance of the app and ease of use.
  • Many improvements in the user interface, UI, and user experience, UX
  • Increased security and safety of the wallet
  • The possibility to reset the password. This feature has been asked by users many times. They finally added this feature to their wallet. So, from now on, you will be able to reset your password, in case you ever forget it.
  • Quick access to menus and important parts of the app via the bottom tab bar.
  • Added address book feature for frequently used wallet addresses.
  • Added capability of paper wallet sweep.
  • Added a list of exchange services that support counos cryptocurrencies.
  • Added capability of exchanging coins with each other (via counos DEX service)


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