Counos X Is the Key to a Fair Election in Belarus

Last Modified:23 Feb 2023 15:11:13
Counos X Is the Key to a Fair Election in Belarus

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In the latest presidential 2020 election in Belarus, which was held on August 9, 2020, Alexander Lukashenko came out as the winner once again, making that his sixth consecutive victory in the presidential election. The entire election came under accusations of fraud, which caused the largest protests in the history of the country. However, this is not the only time an election has been tainted with allegations of not being transparent, tampering, fraud, deception and manipulation. During the past decade, people of many countries have risen up and protested because they felt that their voice has not been heard and they have been cheated out of their vote in an election that was not fair nor transparent. Candidates have also been raising a lot of concerns regarding the legitimacy and fairness of the voting system.

Election Integrity Issues

election integrity issues in belarus

In the aforementioned election, Lukashenko claimed to have won 80 percent of the votes, while, his opponent Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya claimed that she had the overwhelming majority of the votes. Opposition candidates proposed the use of an alternative way of counting the votes and in general an alternative voting system, because they believe the current system is flawed and leaves the door open for fraudulent activities. Throughout the recent years, many people from all the world have been becoming less and less confident in the conventional voting systems. There has been no shortage of protests to the results of different elections. As such, so many suggestions have been made in order to make changes to the conventional and existing voting mechanisms .

blockchain voting system

One such suggestion that really stands out is the use of Blockchain technology in the voting process . A Blockchain network is fully decentralized and no one is in charge of it. Therefore, no one can make any changes to the information recorded in a Blockchain network. This is why the Blockchain technology is a really good idea to be used in the voting mechanism. Many countries have been considering the idea of using the Blockchain technology in different elections in their country. However, we have yet to see a large-scale election, such as a presidential election, using this technology. Until now. The founder and CEO of the Swiss-based Blockchain company, Counos Platform, Puya Chamer, has suggested a method to incorporate the Blockchain technology in the presidential election in Belarus. To do so, Counos X (CCXX) will be used, which is a cryptocurrency offered by the Counos Platform.

counosx voting system

The idea behind this method is to match a Counos X transaction with each vote cast by the voters. Therefore, equal to the number of the people eligible for voting, Counos X coins will be generated. Then, each voter can send his or her coin to the wallet of his desired candidate. All the transactions are fully recorded in the block explorer. Therefore, nothing can be added and nothing can be removed from the records. At the end of the election, the candidate with the most number of Counos X coins in his or her wallet can be announced as the winner. The entire process of voting is registered in the Blockchain network of Counos X. A Blockchain network that is fully tamper-proof and 100 percent reliable. No information can be added or removed from this network. And most important, no one is in charge of this network and no one has authority over it.

To make sure that everyone will be able to participate in this voting system, even those who may not be fully familiarized with the new technologies of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and how they work, such as senior citizens, facilities can be made so that people could come and cast their vote as they did before. There can be special electronic wallets prepared at voting centers, so that all the people can come and vote easily and transparently without the need to have extensive knowledge about the crypto and Blockchain domains. Therefore, no matter their level of knowledge and expertise, every Belarusian citizen can cast his or her vote using Counos X and the infrastructure provided by Counos Platform.

System Of Counos X

counos platform

Counos Platform is willing to generate the required Counos X coins for all the eligible voters in the country of Belarus and provide the necessary systems and infrastructures free of charge as a gift to the country and people of Belarus. With this elegant, easy, quick, and completely transparent mechanism, a presidential election can be held in this country the results of which will be indisputable and completely reliable.

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