Cryptocurrency Fans and the Hope to Create a Revolution and Fundamental Changes in Communication and Economy

Last Modified:16 Jun 2019 09:47:50
Cryptocurrency Fans and the Hope to Create a Revolution and Fundamental Changes in Communication and Economy

Hot-headed fans of cryptocurrencies believe that these new tools can revolutionize the world. They constantly talk about the possibility of developing communication in different fields and the positive aspects of cryptocurrencies. Fanatic friends of cryptocurrency and the Blockchain technology believe that soon a serious revolution will take place in the world, and everything will come under the rule of new digital technologies. However, this level of optimism is definitely not suitable. This is not to say that the Blockchain technology and its belongings do not have enough capacity for growth and blooming. However, a fanatic look and too much optimism will get you nowhere. Therefore, it is better to be realistic about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies and a Wide Revolution in the World?

Of course, the hot-headed fans of cryptocurrencies are right to some extent. Blockchain and all the technologies and tools related to it are among the amazing technologies that are applicable in different areas of life. However, the fact is that they have a long way to go before getting to a point where they amaze everyone and become normal to the public. What proves this point is that different people mistake Bitcoin for Blockchain. Still, many people are not aware of the existence of this technology, and if they are aware, they think that Bitcoin is the same as Blockchain or do not have a complete understanding of the issues and terms. In this condition, the talk of a sudden revolution in the field of communication is kind of strange and unexpected.

Cryptocurrencies and Conflict with States

Many states across the world have come to this conclusion that cryptocurrencies have a lot of capacities in different fields of economic, financial, and commercial, but they have not been able to determine a legal mechanism for them. This is another reason for rejecting the abilities of cryptocurrencies and its related infrastructures in creating a huge revolution in the current state of the world. In fact, if cryptocurrencies and its related infrastructures becoming prevalent is to create a huge revolution in the world, the time for this event has not come yet. Because these cryptocurrencies can only create a revolution in the world when they can be used as money. The lack of proper strategies for legalizing cryptocurrencies will not allow for this application to happen soon.

Businesses and Cryptocurrencies

Given the paradoxical news or controversies that revolve around cryptocurrencies, there are heavy volatilities in their market. In this situation, different businesses do not have a tendency to enter the Blockchain and cryptocurrency campaign. It seems that the story of cryptocurrencies and their becoming prevalent among the public has gotten stuck in a weak cycle. On the one hand, the growth and the stability of the cost and value of cryptocurrencies are contingent upon market shareholders and activists becoming moderate and their number increase, and on the other hand until these values and costs do not come to some sort of stability, businesses won’t enter it. The move of these two in a parallel line is why that after about 11 years of the introduction of cryptocurrencies, the awareness of different businesses is not as much as it should be. What can be imagined for the future path of cryptocurrencies in the world? Apparently, we should still wait.