Different Services of Xbit Project

Last Modified:29 Jun 2022 02:43:20
Different Services of Xbit Project


In this article we want to take a look at Xbit project and all its services. Xbit is a comprehensive project with its own Blockchain network that offers many services, including Xbit Gaming Platform, Xbit Coin, a cryptocurrency designed to revolutionize the online gaming industry, Xbit Lottery, Xbit Play, an NFT-based gaming platform, and finally Xbit will soon play an important role in Metaverse.


Xbit Gaming Platform

The Xbit Gaming Platform is an online gaming website that offers thousands of games, including all the different forms of roulette, baccarat, poker, slots, and so many more. This gaming platform operates with cryptocurrencies such as Xbit Coin, so players can use crypto to play games and win more.

In addition, users can become an Agent in the Xbit Gaming Platform and earn money by inviting people to register and play in this gaming platform. Xbit Agents will receive 20 percent of the revenue as their agent fee.



Xbit Coin; Cryptocurrency for Gamers

Xbit Coin (also known as XBT) is a cryptocurrency that has been designed and developed using the SHA-256 algorithm. Xbit Coin can be used as a comprehensive cryptocurrency for conventional financial transactions, but it was created specifically for use in the online gaming industry and also to manage the reward chain of Xbit Gaming Platform.

There are different ways users can benefit from Xbit Coin.

First, coin holders can stake their coins. With this passive income method, the coins are frozen and cannot be transferred. The annual rate is 5%. An additional advantage is that when betting coins in the gaming platform, their distribution on the stock exchanges is decreasing. As a result, the price of coins will rise.

The second way to further benefit from Xbit Coin is the direct ownership of Xbit Coins. Of course Xbit project offers an online gaming platform and the Xbit Coin is one of the accepted cryptos in this platform. As can be observed, Xbit Coin is backed by Xbit Gaming Platform, a well-established financial institution.

As a result, Xbit Coins are considered as representative shares of the Xbit Gaming Platform.

Xbit is a coin that creates wealth and value.



Xbit Play; NFT-based Gaming

Another part of the Xbit ecosystem is Xbit Play, which is an NFT gaming platform with the ability to play games, collect and trade NFT cards, and more.

In Xbit Play, managers can trade official digital collectibles. The platform is growing fast, with a global audience trading their favorite cryptocurrencies in the form of Blockchain-backed NFTs.

In Xbit play there are 5 types of cards as Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. With these cards you can create your trade charts and win Xbit Coins.


Xbit Lotto; Blockchain-powered Lottery

Xbit Lottery is an international and top grade lottery system. The lottery completely takes place on Blockchain. In this way, Xbit Lottery is set apart from the existing and traditional systems. Using Blockchain technology will guarantee a level of full transparency and security for everyone, such that no other lottery system can provide. Among many important features of this system is that the winning money is kept in a wallet throughout the entire process, so that it can be clearly seen in the explorer by all users. In addition, the tickets issued, are in fact NFTs that have been issued on the Blockchain of Counos H. Thus, ensuring complete transparency, security, and a tamper-proof lottery process.



Xbit in Metaverse

Also, in the near future, Xbit will be part of the Counos Metaverse Project, known as the Counos Land. Xbit will oversee all the games and gaming platforms in this Metaverse ecosystem and holds all the legal permits for them. Thus ushering in a new era for the Xbit project.



Xbit; Gaming Redefined

Xbit project is not only a platform for entertainment and games, but also for investment and profit.

Having chosen the online gaming industry as the main direction, the Xbit platform will eternally develop and improve, since the online gaming market is huge and there is quite a lot of competition. So, there you have it, Xbit project, online gaming and lottery redefined.