Distribution disclosure

Private Sale Rounds


  •  Private Sale was completed in January 2019 for USD at a rate of 1 CCA = 1.5 USD and raised a total of 21’000’000 USD, selling 83% of mined coins.


Counos Coin Supply Distribution and Releasing Schedule:

  • • Airdrop will release in total 2’500’000 Counos Coins, on Dec 2019 410’000 Counos Coins are released to 460’000 Counos Mobile Wallets. 2’090’000 Counos Coins can be claimed by the next 6’966’666 Members who download the Counos Mobile Wallet.
  • • Private sale Coins comprise 83% of mined Counos Coins.
  • • Team Coins comprise 1.8% of the total mined Counos Coins, released in three years.
  • • Mining Reward Coins comprise 20% of total supply, released from the block 98500, 1.5 reward coins will only be given to trusted nodes. Trusted nodes are those nodes that have at least 500,000 CCA.

Current Circulating Supply


  •  80% current circulating supply as of Dec 19th.
Thank you,
Counos Platform Team