First Cryptocurrency of Cuba

Last Modified:8 Dec 2019 11:46:43
First Cryptocurrency of Cuba

Is John MacAfee on His way to Develop the First Cryptocurrency of Cuba?

If you are into the world of business, entrepreneurship, and technology, then you must have heard the name of John MacAfee. This entrepreneur in the field of technology and cryptocurrencies has given the state of Cuba some recommendations for collaborating in the field developing cryptocurrencies. He would like to collaborate with Cubans so that he can work with them as a counselor in the field of cryptocurrencies. These days, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have turned into great tools for countries that are going through rough times due to economic difficulties. Cuba is also one of the countries in the world that is caught in various economic difficulties and sanctions and is in need of a powerful savior like cryptocurrencies.

McAfee and Collaboration with the State of Cuba

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies add incredible capabilities to the world. Countries and states becoming free from the claw of economic sanctions, that sometimes are not fair and reasonable, is among the most interesting functions of Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. By understanding the situation of sanctioned countries like Cuba and being aware of the capacities in the crypto world, John McAfee has recommended to the government of this country the development of a specific cryptocurrency for this country. With the existence of such cryptocurrency, the elimination of at least a part of the economic difficulties of Cuba could be counted on.

John McAfee believes that economic sanctions against Cuba are not at all fair and lead to the destruction of millions of Cuban lives. He is trying to aid Cubans and thinks that with cryptocurrencies and technology he can stand against injustice.

McAfee’s Idea to Get out of Sanctions

The development of cryptocurrencies merely in speech has no benefit. If cryptocurrencies are to play a role in getting out countries from economic difficulties, they need to be implemented seriously and really in the economy.  In the same way, useless expectations from cryptocurrencies will ruin this attempt. By being smart and using them correctly, cryptocurrencies can remove the economic difficulties. Otherwise, without implementing positive and constructive strategies, we can’t expect miracles form them. John McAfee believes that the cryptocurrency that is defined for each country must work within the infrastructure of Blockchain and consider the economic needs and conditions of said country in its design and distribution.

The Approach of the Cuban Government Regarding Cryptocurrencies

The government of Cuba has announced that it intended to use cryptocurrencies. This news made John McAfee to make the recommendation for collaborating many times. Although the government of Cuba has not yet responded to this recommendation, but apparently thinking about this recommendation is thought provoking. John McAfee is among the few people in the world who is currently an expert in developing cryptocurrencies. Currently, only ten people in the world have expertise in this field and McAfee is one of them. Cryptocurrencies are more powerful than any army in removing injustices and if they are to be used in a correct way, they can simply resolve economic difficulties of various countries. This is where technology and science turn into the talking tongue of the mankind and stand against ignorance and injustices. Such technologies are truly admirable and valuable.