Germany Used Blockchain for COVID-19 Vaccination Records

Last Modified:26 Apr 2021 07:55:38
Germany Used Blockchain for COVID-19 Vaccination Records

An area in Germany wants to use the Blockchain technology to record the Covid-19 vaccination confirmations. This method will provide more privacy, safety, and is more efficient. In addition, it helps control the spread of the virus.

About a year ago, when the world was faced with the Coronavirus, many people started thinking about using alternative technologies such as the Blockchain technology to track and trace the virus and those infected. Since, the information recorded on a Blockchain network is tamper-proof and unchangeable.

Now the town of Altötting in Germany is going to use this exact idea with regard to Covid-19 vaccinations.

This town will allow those who are vaccinated to register their information digitally using the tool provided by the UBIRCH company.

This system, which has been developed recently, has the ability to be run on multiple Blockchain networks, and those who are vaccinated against Coronavirus will be identified and verified by it.

It is expected that this move will help lower the spread of this virus. According to the statements made by UBIRCH, this digital certification will only be issued when someone receives their second dose of the vaccine. After that the vaccination confirmation record will be issued for that person and they can access it using their own private keys.

Currently, people who want to be vaccinated will only receive a printed code on a piece of paper, which will then be read by their phone. But the main program intends to store this code directly on people’s phones. Therefore, vaccination confirmations and records will be easily and readily available to people.

As mentioned earlier, the solution offered by UBIRCH matches those offered by Blockchain, including IOTA. However, it is yet unclear which chain will be used for this purpose.

Using this technology for vaccination records is very efficient, especially when healthcare officials are saying that this virus will continue growing. As such, using Blockchain to stop the spread of Covid-19 seems very suitable.