Google Has Blocked Ads Containing the Word “Ethereum”

Last Modified:12 May 2020 12:03:53
Google Has Blocked Ads Containing the Word “Ethereum”

Recently, a Serbian startup in the field of cryptocurrency has announced that since the beginning of this week, many of its ads have not been shown by Google AdWords. This startup claims that it has frequently attempted to make contact with middle management at Google in the past couple of days; however, it has not yet received any response.

According to a report published by CNN website, this startup has been showing all of its ads in the fields of cryptocurrencies and Ethereum without any difficulty, though, during the past couple of days, ads containing the word “Ethereum” have no longer been shown in Google ads.

Has Google Blacklisted Words Related to Cryptocurrencies?

Many news agencies, too, claimed that it seems Google has blacklisted many words related to the field of cryptocurrencies. However, it sounds it has not happened yet. The fact is that in September 2018, due to the high volume of scams in the field of cryptocurrencies, Google blocked all related ads. Many of companies and websites that received services from Google in the field of cryptocurrencies have done clandestine activities regarding hacking users’ information, and this has made Google cautious about providing ad services in the field of cryptocurrencies. In March 2018, Google finally allowed some ads related to words such as “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum” to be shown in its search results, yet it still had many constraints.

Google also published a statement in March 2018 saying that due to the high volume of scams and financial damages in the field of cryptocurrencies, this company will take extreme caution in showing ads related to this field.

Also, it turned out that Google will check all ads related to the field of cryptocurrencies using many filters to prevent scams.

Altogether, it seems that Google does not have a particular problem with the word “Ethereum” itself, in case the security of users increases considerably in the future, we can be hopeful that online ads in this realm will receive more support, especially from Google.